Sunday, April 13, 2008

Apologies and Salutations

I want to apologize to two of my favorites local Denver bands, Widowers, and Light Travels Faster. Truly, Deeply, and Madly. Why?

Because I was to see the both of you, as well as highly anticipated band Overcasters, Friday night at the Falcon. A gig I'd been waiting 2-3 weeks for, and yet one I completely missed in its entirely. Why, do you ask?

Well, as is typical for me on a night when I'm going to see bands, I'm already working in downtown Denver until 6pm. The shows often don't start until 9pm or 10pm or so, which leaves me a few hours to kill. I hate shopping, I've gots lots of driving, so lots of drinking is out of I usually end up donking it up for an hour or two by playing bar poker at a Denver Poker Tour event, where I truly don't care how I finish, because I'm really just there to kill some time before some great Denver indie rock.

But on this particular night, I was alternately a card rack and a good reader. Picked up AA three times, a few other high pairs, made a couple correct (but really tough) laydowns, and for the most part, had my suckout-avoidance skill working. I won the whole goddamn thing, on a night when I really did not care, and even did not want to. By the time the tourney was over, Light Travels Faster and Widowers were well past done, and I probably couldn't have even gotten to the venue in time for any Overcasters. The results-oriented part of me was kinda pissed, because the result of the night was no awesome live music -- LTF and Widowers are absolutely two of my favorite bands these days.

Unfortunately, this was one of those all-ages events that started right at 9pm, which isn't conducive to running deep in a bar poker game that starts at 7pm. I promise to make it up. And hopefully, some of the few readers here will click the links and check out the tunes.


Scrupboy said...

Ha! It's ironic when you say it meant nothing if you won or lost. This is the type of mindset that will often get you to final tables. With no worries of the final result you are able to widen your range a little and take chances where you otherwise may not resulting in a win. ...or it could be the three ppA's you were dealt. Nice run in that donkfest!

Jeremy said...

The Overcasters have a video up from the show here:

I think that we played at exactly 22:50. The Falcon runs a tight ship--not on rock and roll time, for sure.

What is that blue sparkley bass?!? I love it.