Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday Bloggerment Donkmania

I can't imagine playing more terribly than I did at last night's Bodonkey, where I went out 36th, I guess. Fun and challenging first table, with bayne, smokee (and LoveElf), Peaker, and even RecessRampage (who was AFK, I suppose).

Picked up AA in the big blind on the 2nd hand, but it folded around to Peaker who folded to my raise to 40. Overshoving for value wasn't going to get a call there. But it was all downhill from there, and frankly, I just didn't play well.

The curtains aren't necessarily closed for me for the final, but I'm 27th with five weeks to go, and the band's tuning up their instruments. Indicative of my season is that I am the lowest ranked player with four points finishes, by a fair margin. Whether it's getting 3-outed on a final table bubble, or going utterly card dead when antes arrive, or shoving AK into AA, I just can't get the one top-3 finish that would likely put me over the hump.

Played worse in the Skillz game, but somehow won enough pots to make it about halfway through. As soon as Waffles sat down, I went out about two hands later, when I tried to bluff out a couple of draws. A shame, because I like watching him work, and I guess he did pretty well in it last night? I'm not really sure why I played, because I really do dislike Stud poker (outside of Razz).

Waffles thought I'd like it better if I was good at it, and while I first thought otherwise, I'd probably have to agree. But I don't think I'm a total fish in the game, as I do fold a lot pre-4th street, play strong draws, and don't overvalue a high pair. But when I'm playing it, I'm just not really enjoying it. Even in HORSE games, I work harder in the first three rounds so that I don't have to mix it up much in Stud and Stud8.

I did manage to have a deep run in Bodog $8k last night, going out 16th, when I shoved AJo from the button into a mid-position min-raiser who showed down AA. When we got to the final two tables, I had about a 7th place stack, but had to fold to a couple of resteals, and by the time of my shove, I was probably more like a 12th or 13th place stack, and had an M of about 5.5. I could have waited, but I didn't read strength into that one minraise. At any rate, that's two cashes in a row in the $8k. Neither of them really deep (final 2 and 3 tables, respectively), but enough to put a bit of confidence back in my game. Oddly enough, I'm not making it that deep in the $3k or $2k rebuy. I've now had four cashes in it (though none higher than 16th), and maybe it represents a sort of sweet spot for me. Or, maybe I'm just seeing most of the right end of variance there, I dunno.

So the forecast is fair to middling, with a bit of bankroll but no championships. That's cool.


SirFWALGMan said...

gg last night man. I did not mean that you were not playing well.. if I left that impression I am sorry. Cya tonight!

$mokkee said...

fun starting table no doubt. hang in there, still 5 games left. one nice finish is really all you need.

lightning36 said...

I was wondering what happened to you at the Bodonkey since you had been playing so well lately. Guess we'll have to battle it out to try to get in the top 18 for a seat.