Monday, January 07, 2008

Welcome to the Funhouse

Playing a bar poker single table SNG, of a real turbo variety, and a lot of 'orrible non-poker playing mofos who like TV shows of people with funny reflective glasses. 11 players, starting stacks of 2000, blinds of 200/400 (with about 5 minutes to 500/1000):

1st hand in, I lose 400 by calling from the SB.

2nd hand, on the button: AA (woohoo!)

FIVE flat calls in front of me (I told you play was 'orrible). Jam 1600 from the button. Only the SB folds. BB reshoves for his 2k stack, and all five of the flat callers call the rereraise. So I'm seeing five cards with AA 7-handed. Sick. I haven't plugged that into the PokerStove, but I'm pretty sure I could not have been more than 30% PF with all those callers. I can't get AA to hold heads-up, much less 7-handed?

I don't even remember the full board, but flop was something like 337, couple more random cards, and yeah, AA held. So two hands in to an 11-player tourney, we're down to 5 players (lost one on 1st hand), and I've got about 58% of the chips. The rest was easy, gg me. Ship the $10 gift certificate to be used on a future Chicken Monterey sammich. (Sadly, I went out of the $300 real portion of the day by calling quads with the raggiest boat I've ever been in.)

Tonight is either more bar poker, or I'll fire up a few 7pm tournies at a couple of the sites. Undecided for now, since I'll be playing the BoDonkey tomorrow for the first time. Yeah, baby.

Oh yeah, these guys are looking for a new bass player. I lurves me some deep wet reverbed surf. In fact, I taught myself bass playing playing Dick Dale surf guitar riffs on an old Fender Mexican Jazz Bass. Methinks there may just be a chance to jump once more into the breach.


pokerpeaker said...

Are you back for good? If so I'll link you back up and we can talk. I don't know if I'll be doing the Heartland Poker's tempting but tournaments are not my speciality (much better at cash games) and that's a big buy in.

Mondogarage said...

Yeah, I'm definitely back. I probably won't blog *every* day like I have been, if only because I've just been really slow at work lately. And I am definitely playing the Bodonkey -- I just have to make sure I don't play any poker the night before, so that I can do so without ticking off my better half (and she is truly a better half).

As for HPT, I'm a bit undecided, but strongly leaning towards buying directly into a $340 qualifier, because I think those are far more +EV for me than the SNGs, but it will probably end up being dependent on external factors (e.g., how much more do my investments tanks this winter...) that affect my financial confidence.

lightning36 said...

I have been wanting to satellite into an HPT event. I'd have to do in in one of the Indiana events, however. Unfortunately, they only go there about twice a year.

Your bar tournament sounded just like an in-person Riverchasers event. Very fortunate that your rockets didn't get run down with so many people in the hand.