Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Are We There Yet?

First things, first - thank you JJOK, Al, and especially, Mookie, for recognizing what can only be considered award-worthy writing.

2nd Place ($5.50 Dookie buy-in): “After much deliberation, the Asshat Frat Crew unanimously voted Scott’s sack the true lucksack, and much gheyety ensued.”

I would also like to recognize the Asshat Frat Crew for...well...for being so ghey!

No blogging for a few days - the Good Doctor Mondo and I were off in North Carolina and Virginia seeing relatives of hers. I must say, that's a long way to travel to go to a five year old's birthday party, but much fun was had, and it was probably the first time in at least a couple of years when the Good Doctor was together with her parents and all her siblings at one place.

Red Lobster is entirely overrated. Ick.

Got back to a bit of poker yesterday. Chipped up very nicely early on in several Stars tourneys, only to suffer repetitive, yet intermittent, internet outages. Of course, they only seemed to come up when I'm dealt QQ or AA in one of the blinds (fack!). There were literally occasions where I'd be dealt a monster, try to raise, have my raise count, and then be autofolded on the next street. As a result, I only managed to cash in one early tourney, and just barely. It really does suck hard to reset your cable modem and router a million times and see your "safely in the $$$ stack" completely disappear over the course of an hour or so.

More than anything else, that is the single biggest reason I won't buyin online for any sort of a significant buying (say, above $10 or so), and why I won't ever deposit any "real" bankroll online. Imagine if this had been the Sunday Million, or an FTOPS, or some other tourney where I actually bought directly in for a couple hundred dollars, only to lose all my chips because my fucking internet provider can't keep a decent connection for $49.95 a month (I'm looking at you, Comcast), and you're stacked off for reasons having absolutely nothing to do with your play.

Of course, the outages eventually worked themselves out (but only after I was out of all my $5 and $10 buyin tourneys), and once I did some home handiwork, I entered a couple of micros. Wouldn't you know it, I final tabled a limit Omaha on PokerStars for 6th place. Naturally, it was a $1.10 buy-in, my lowest of the day, and 6th was good for about $15. It seems to always be the case that my deepest run is in my lowest buyin tourney in a session. I wonder why that is? I know it's not the level of play, because I went out to 2- and 3-outed in a couple other tourneys, and Omaha Hi is so high variance that the deep finish can easily be attributed to hitting draws. There must be something axiomatic that no matter what site I play at, the online godz will laugh at me, granting charity only in the smallest possible ways.

This final table did make for a bit of an unusual situation. Mondays are usually the day I play bar poker, and yesterday was going to be no exception. But once we got to the final table, I was running late, and had to get to the bar. So after hauling ass with my laptop, I played the first couple orbits of my bar poker game with my laptop in front of me, finishing off my meager score. Fun times, it's like two-tabling, but...well yeah, two-tabling. Now if I could just get folks with Q2 to respect my button raises with AA, all would be well in the world.

When changing smoke detector batteries, don't stand on chairs with wheels. Bad idea.

Today is Tuesday, which means more Bodonkey and Blogger Skillz fun. Dunno if I'm going to make it, yet. I may have to sit out tonight in order to be available tomorrow to play the Dookie tomorrow, thanks to Mookie.

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