Thursday, January 10, 2008

Goodbye to an anti-Beatle

Today is a say day for a lot of fans of relatively obscure garage rock music, myself included.

From Eddie Shaw:"Two days before the birthday of his hero, Elvis -- Dave Day of the Monks suffered a heart attack and massive brain injury. He has been taken off the life support system today. His work is done."

This development truly makes me very sad. I got to hang out wiht Dave Day in Vega$ after their Las Vegas Rockaround set a few years ago, and found him extraordinarily engaging and humorous, and even at his advancing age, at 3am, and after a raucous set, he was still ready to toss down with all the fans. The world is a bit less today. To many, the monks were the original punk band. Comprised of five American G.I.s stationed in Germany in the early 60s, they traversed the gap from playing the standard club covers of the day, to tribally savage and rhythmic feedback-fueled stompers that reflected the angst and antipathy of their time and place.

It's beat time, it's hop time, it...was once...monktime.

Dave Day is actually the second monk to pass away, but somehow, this one hits me a little harder, perhaps because of the sheer uniqueness of an electric banjo punk rocker, and just the constant smile he had when we met.

In extremely minor poker news, I managed to fire up a couple of turbo SNGs last night, to no avail, but got into a $1.10 2-7 Triple Draw SNG, where I managed to get heads up with a 5:1 chip lead and proceeded to lose in about 10 hands. This is not too hard to do once the doomswitch is turned on. Had an 8-6 go down to an 8-5, got dealt 2nd nuts and shorty drew out to the nuts, etc. Ah well. Cash is cash, but being up 5:1 and losing, in a limit game....ack.

I think I played a total of five games, consisting of the aforementioned $1.10 SNG, a $3.40 5-table SNG, 1 $3.40 HORSE SNG, and 2 of the $2.20 4-table satellites to the Stars Sunday Hundo. All were turbos, except the 2-7 TD, and in all but one, my money was in ahead, but random fish seemed all too eager to call an all-in, more often than not with a crap ass ace-rag. I think it's because of the turbo structure of these things.

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