Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Night Bloggerlisciousness? Times Two?

All ye, all ye, step right up! That's right, it's Tuesday night, and time for another edition of Smokkee's Bodonkey -- and one of the last before the new juiced up tourney series begins. I'm going to be there to try to better my 8th place finish of last week (three more spots to those juicy T$109 overlays), and perhaps even unseat WilWonka as reigning champ.

However, I'd also settle for just being able to observer chat the final table after my inevitable bustout. I noticed PokahDave was able to do so last week, maybe he can school my ignorant ass on that, because Bodog wasn't letting me open up tables I was not playing at, nor chat once I bustoed. Anyway, join us tonight for gobs of fun and plenty of bloggerific weaktight shenanigans here:

As for times two? Well, tonight is also another edition of the relatively new Blogger Skill Series over at FullTilt. Tonight's game is Limit Omaha 8 (is that anything at all like the Butterfield 8?), and we're going with deepstacks and bounties all up in this hizzle.

I suspect this tourney may last a bit longer than I'm looking for tonight, given a relative lack of sleep lately, so I may sit this one out. (Plus, this would be playing a bit above my current FTP roll.) But I loves me some O8, even better than V8, so I just may give it a go. If I do, thank you to be folding to all of my 2nd nut draw bets, k thx.

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