Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Fun on the Radio Rail

I didn't play a lick of poker last night. However, that did not stop me from having 4-5 tables open on FullTilt. This wasn't poker, this was pure entertainment, woohoo! After not playing in the bloggerlicious Mookie for what...a year maybe, I chose to spend last night railing while listening to what I shall affectionately call Asshat Frat Radio, in honor of said fraternity's spring break outing to Montezuma Beach, as memorialized here:

“After much deliberation, the Asshat Frat Crew unanimously voted Scott’s sack the true lucksack, and much gheyety ensued.”

I never knew they let donkeys on the beach in Mexico, but I guess you really can learn something every day.

We kid because we care. And we kid because we can.

In truth, I wanted to thank Hoyazo, Miami Don, Buddy Dank, ScottMc, and the Gheyest Blogger of All for providing us much entertainment last night. Wish I'd been a bit better rolled on Tilt right now, as I was *this* close to registering for the first 50 FTP $11 flipament. (Flipping for 10% of your roll is balla degen, but not very bright!)

I would love to have been in the shoes of one of the non-bloggers in those satellites. I can only imagine what they were thinking (and what notes they were taking) of all these fishy players going all in every hand with every two cards. The comedy!

Congrats to Byron Biggestron for taking down the Mookie. Oh yeah, I predicted it with 2-3 tables left, woohoo! (sorry Surflexus!)

And, oh yeah, double congrats to Pokerfool (latest addition to my blogroll), for the having the heaviest lucksack of the night in winning not one, but two all in flipaments in a row.

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Fuel55 said...

Flipaments - just classic.