Thursday, January 03, 2008

Once More Unto the Heart(land Poker Tour)

Got this off of 2+2 today:

Golden Gates Casino
Black Hawk, Colorado
April 1-13, 2008

$300+40 Qualifiers
NO Direct Buy to Main Event

For those not from the Rockies, the reason for no direct buy ins is that Colorado gaming laws restrict maximum tourney buyins to something like $500. This meant that when the HPT was last here, folks winning seats via the qualifiers were able to sell seats for up to $3,000 (when the actual value of the qualifying seats, based on $340 x number of players/20 was something like $2,000 or so).

Allegedly, the Main Event will be spread over three days instead of two. And this time, I'm not scheduled to be out of town during the ME, so I can actually try to win a seat to this thing. Yay me!

Last time, they ran a bunch of 1 table $45 and $70 sats to the $340 supersats, but 1-table SNGs really are not my strong suit, and I think I'm more likely to just trying to buy into a $340 straight off. If I manage to win one seat, maybe I'll take one or two cracks at the SNGs to try to get a 2nd seat to sell, but who knows. It's still a ways off.

Still, it's pretty much in my backyard (just an hour away), and very nearly in PokerPeaker's backyard, so I'm hoping he gives it a shot, as well. There's very little hotel space in Blackhawk, but plenty in Denva!

If any bloggers come out, let me know, and we can maybe have a mini-blogger gathering somewhere.

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Pipedream said...

Hey...I've meant to drop you a comment for a while now. I plan on going, work pending, and hope to meet up with ya'll.