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Two-Fer Tuesday (well, almost, but long post anyway)

So last night was the bloggerment daily double, consisting of the Bodonkey and Blogger Skillz tournaments, the latter being Omatard 8. Much fun was to be had all around, and for myself, it turned into a decent showing that was close to being a lot better.

Of course, Bodog's software is pretty pathetique in terms of it's amenity towards posting hand histories and such here, but it's easy enough to recall. The first hour was pretty quiet for me, though I was able to pick up a couple thousand chips when I induced a raise all in by someone who held TPTK, when I'd flopped top set. However, we only dropped 2 of 37 runners in the 1st hour, and I was squarely on the top end of midpack, chipwise. Unfortunately, when folks started dropping left and right during the 2nd hour, I couldn't catch a hand to save my life, and survived on a couple of blind steals, and in the third hour, I made my fatal mistake.

We were down to 11 players, with 10 making either money and juicy T$ overlay, or a T$ refund of one's buy-in (which I was able to score last week). I'm in the SB for essentially 1/3 of my remaining microstack, and the only caller was the other shortie who was UTG at the time. Looking down, I see a craptastic J3o, but as I said, I'm already in for 1/3. Big blind had a healthy stack, probably 3rd or 4th of the remaining players. So I jam. In retrospect, I should have suspected the other shorty would have a hand and call, given his UTG smooth call, and I could have folded and waited to shove ATC from the button next hand. But I didn't. I shoved from the SB. As it turned out, BB called, and the other shorty folded. BB showed K-rag offsuit, and neither of us improved, and I go home on the bubble.

In retrospect, it was a misplay on my part, but if I don't get to open shove next hand from the button, I have zero fold equity and am forced all in by my next BB. That said, the other shorty may have gone out by then, and I could have regained the buy-in, who knows? I'd really like a top five finish here soon, as the T$109 overlay would be worth a couple months of Bodonkeys, ya know? And with the soon-to-be-announced enhancements, I think we're all going to want to be over there soon.

Of course, the Skillz game started up during the first hour of Bodonkey, and that tournament was a completely different story for me. I chipped up some in the first hour, but by 90 minutes in, I was in the top three chipleaders for most of the next two hours, complements of hands such as these:


In most cases, I was folding preflop unless I was holding three to the wheel (including A3 or better), three to Broadway, double suited AA or KK, or essentially, a small subset of hands that would pretty much allow me chances to be drawing to nuts on flops. I played very few speculative hands at all, and for once, most of my draws caught and held, to where out of my first 24 showdowns, I was able to scoop 11 and split 11. Early and midstage cardrackery. During this time, I was able to score 2.5 knockouts, which recovered over 1/3 of the buy-in well before the money spots rolled around.

Unfortunately (for me), I got a bit cute and lost a large pot when MarsMan2001's turned quads beat my turned smallish boat, and when the final table started, things looked like this:

From there, I had a hard time catching playable hands, though I did score one more nut/nut off of dino_burger:

Thanks, dino!

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that was the last pot I took any of. I do know I lost my last five showdowns in a row. LJ was raising preflop just about every hand, and was collecting chips like they were going out of style. I lost most of what I had left on an attempted bluff smartly called by Rake Feeder (pretty sure it was him), such that by the time a big blind hit me for about 80% of my last few chips, I shoved and showed the following:

A horrible hand, to be sure, but given the only caller was superstack LJ (who had around 90,000 at this point), I actually felt I had a reasonable chance to catch one end or the least until the Q7Q flop hit both her suits. gg, IGHN, but hey, I actually managed to cash, woohoo! And in my first ever Blogger Skillz tourney, to boot.

So, in the world of bloggerments, I squeezed into the cash in one tourney, and just barely squeezed myself out of the cash in the other.

All in all, I'll take it, especially as it salves the wounds from a savage misplay on my part during a concurrent $5 NLHE at FullTilt. I'd managed to chip up early by twice inducing donkeys with underpairs to put in all their chips to my sets or boats, when the following hand occured. To set up the situation, I had just moved to this table a couple hands previous, and really had no reads.

Full Tilt Poker Game #4960220056: $5 + $0.50 Tournament (37013156), Table 47 - 25/50 - No Limit Hold'em - 22:23:29 ET - 2008/01/22
Seat 1: KINGTODAY (1,767)
Seat 2: jwraimee (1,025)
Seat 3: Turd Hurder 130 (1,220)
Seat 4: LickMyAce (1,260)
Seat 5: Mondogarage (3,290)
Seat 6: roadie (2,935)
Seat 7: Digger Micka (3,800)
Seat 8: drymouth9 (1,090)
Seat 9: tough chip (1,375)
jwraimee posts the small blind of 25
Turd Hurder 130 posts the big blind of 50
The button is in seat #1
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Mondogarage [Kc As]
LickMyAce has 15 seconds left to act
LickMyAce folds
Mondogarage raises to 175
roadie folds
Digger Micka calls 175
drymouth9 folds
tough chip folds
jwraimee folds
Turd Hurder 130 calls 125
*** FLOP *** [Kh Ad 3s]
Turd Hurder 130 checks
Mondogarage checks (check to try to induce player behind to bluff)
Digger Micka checks
*** TURN *** [Kh Ad 3s] [3h]
Turd Hurder 130 checks
Mondogarage bets 350 (time to build a pot, my two pair is g00t)
Digger Micka calls 350
Turd Hurder 130 raises to 1,045, and is all in (?????????)
Mondogarage has 15 seconds left to act
Mondogarage calls 695 (no need to isolate, I have best hand, right?)
Digger Micka calls 695
*** RIVER *** [Kh Ad 3s 3h] [3d]
Mondogarage has 15 seconds left to act
Mondogarage bets 500 (well shoot, I misplayed my top two pair into a chopped boat, likely)
Digger Micka has 15 seconds left to act
Digger Micka calls 500
*** SHOW DOWN ***

Eww. Eww. EWWWWW. Fack. Obviously, I got way too cute at a new table with top two pair. Any close to pot-size bet from me has to chase out the blind, right? Do'h. Maybe not, since the donkeyfucker did call a 3.5x raise from UTG+1 with five-fucking-three offsuit. Of course, the quads on the river wasn't even just to rub it in, it cost me a chunk of side-pot action, because I think Digger Micka makes that call there regardless, unless river comes a K.

Still, I was bruised and battered, but not broken, and was in fact, still above starting chips, which I managed to nurse to about 6,000 (thanks to two flopped sets), when I see a lovely QQ below. So I raise UTG. And I'm called by a shorty. And the tourney chipleader on the button shoves for 13k. I can't fold here. He's been aggro. He wouldn't shove AA or KK, right? AK? Well with a caller already, I put him on less than six outs. So I call. And I'm more right than I thought. By the turn, I'm mentally stacking my chips. That, my friends, was a mistake:

And that, was that. Evil. 6 outs? Try 3. Of course, I had no redraw. Anyway, I wasn't leaving the non-bloggerment portion of the evening a punk like that, so during the latter stages of the Skillz Game, I fired up a $3.30 KO 90 player SNG, where I did manage to finish 5th with some knockouts, to clear about $12 for my efforts. I don't recall the name of the Eurotard who doubled me up on three consecutive pots, taking me from 3k to 26k and busting you clear out, but thanks for making my night a bit more profitable!

Anyway, it was quite the fun night of cameraderie, and congrats to LJ and Drizztdj on taking down the bloggerments.

Oh yeah, as a side note, there was much slinging back and forth between Miami Don and Jeciimd, with regard to Jeci's having won the TOC and playing the Aussie Millions, yet for all intents and purposes, not blogging about it at all. Frankly, I think Don was over the top, in the sense that Jeci was free to do whatever he wanted, but I can't help thinking it's time for Jeci to rename his blog to something along the lines of A Month Late... nevertheless, the shit talking was enjoyable to read.

Whew, long post, and my crayons are worn down from the screenshots. Probably no poker for me tonight, but for those of you playing the Mookie, may you get it in good.

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