Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bloggerments Are Easy

Will post more about it tomorrow, but I am now officially two-fer-two in cashing at the Blogger Skillz series, first in Limit Omaha, and tonight, in Pot Limit Hold Em:

No victories, yet, but bloggers are a tough crowd. Still, with an average finish of 4.5 in these things (yay for sample sizes), I'm fairly pleased, and the addition to my FT bankroll is useful. I doubted playing in these things, because I only had the $100 roll from FlopTurnRiver, but so far, it's working out.

Oh yeah, also took 5th in a $5.50 Razz MTT, but donked out of the Bodonkey about halfway through the field, when I shoved my ATs from the button into a blind's AA, ack.

1 comment:

Zeem said...

It's hard to take it easy when half your friends are way too easy ...

Nice run, good to see you doing so well!