Thursday, January 31, 2008

So You Think You Know Your Candidates?

So you think you know who you're going to vote for this year?

So you think you know where your chosen candidate stands on the issues?

So you think you know where you stand on the issues?

So you think you know how the candidate's stands converge and coalesce with your own?

Well then, here's a fun quiz to take (courtesy of WQAD News 8 outta the lovely Quad Cities, Iowa area):

I'll say this much, the results for me were a bit surprising, in that both remaining leading Democratic candidates scored exactly equal to one another vis-a-vis my stands on the issues. (I am staunchly independent, but typically lean towards most Democrat candidates.) If any of you are at all like me, you've probably also played that game of "if my candidate loses, who from the other party can I actually live with?". Well, for me, the most shocking result of this decidedly non-scientific poll was that, strictly on the issues, the one candidate I felt I could live with from the Republican Party scored the most divergent from my views, from every single other candidate of that party, including the candidate most often considered to be a walking wackjob, the homophobic fringe candidate who would set science back 200 years, and the candidate who's talked out of so many sides of his mouth over the years, that his baby pacifier must have been in the shape of an octagon.

Anyway, take the quiz. It's fun. It's quick. It's not nearly based in enough actual science to begin to offend him. But it is a down and dirty way to measure your opinions on about 10 issues (and how importantly you weigh each issue) to the candidates' preivously-expressed views.

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