Friday, February 29, 2008

Not "whole" as in "complete"....

...but "hole", as in dirty stinky...

Well, you'll just have to laugh your asses off yourselves. Most definitely NSFW, but very entertaining, and the reason I won't be playing any poker tonight:

In fact, it's been pretty much a poker-free week for me. I've been out collecting cans and bottles so that I can afford my buyins to a few events at the BBT-cubed. With no tokens to my name, and my Monday's tied up, it's gonna be a tough nut to crack, but well worth it.

Oddly enough, it seems Lisa Lampanelli and Kathy Liebert have never been seen in the same place at the same time...coincidence?

1 comment:

Scrupboy said...

She's really funny! Enjoy the show and have a good time.

I would be a total target for her being an Asian guy with a tall, blonde German wife. lol Front row here I come!