Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Early Daily Double Gets the Worm?

The $100k gets cancelled (duh), so we're going a different route today.

Both Early Daily Doubles, 'natch (went out around 162nd, cashed daily doube B for 1.5x buyins)

The Bodog $2k guarantee (presto truly gold...TWICE, out 6th for about $130, 12x buy-in, best Bodog payday yet)

An 838 runner $3.30 KO MTT (bubbled the damn final table for $19 and KOs, but oh-so-close to mad mobnies)

Full Tilt $5 DS NLHE (out 61st for 1.5x buyins)

Full Tilt $10+1 KO (out 5 tables from $$$, but with a few KOs), and,

a Stars $25k guarantee, where I crashed out. Raised JJ on button, BB goes all in, and after an instacall, his KK is gold. Oh well...

Overall, a pretty solid day, but damn, it could have been so much better. I was in the top 15 or 20 of the Daily Double for most of the first 2.5 hours, and could have run truly deep.

Anyway, I plan on posting a couple of screen caps and asking what you'd do in those spots tomorrow, but for now, I leave you with yet another example of why I should play every pocket 5 on Bodog (as should you):

Of course, I keed, I keed -- but Lisa at the Bit would have played it, right?

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