Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Hallmark Day!

Or, Singles Awareness Day, or any other way you want to put it. May your stockings be hung with care, and...oh wait, that's a different day. Do you roast ham on February 14th, or just donkey?

Okay, I keed, I keed.

The Good Doctor Mondo and I will, of course, celebrate this joyous occasions with much pagan ritual burnings and sacrifices, some of which will surely involve my friends Porcupiny, Rabbity, and Squirrely:

Okay, okay, I keed, I keed. (I think.)

It is, however, a day of blowing kisses. May your stacks be full of red and white chips (because pink chips are kinda ghey), and remember, the rose goes on the front, big guy.

By the way, if the Clinton campaign starts sending SweetTarts heart-shaped candy to a certain address in Tennessee, you'll understand why after reading Michael Medved's column on why you won't see either an Obama/Clinton or Clinton Obama ticket. As Medved writes,

If Hillary decides she needs a black running mate to make up for the wounded feelings of the campaign, there’s a better option for her than Obama himself. Aside from pie-in-the-sky talk of appealing to General Colin Powell to cross party lines to join a Clinton ticket (a nightmare for Republicans, obviously), there’s another selection that would also play in to a possible Southern strategy. Former Congressman Harold Ford Jr. now heads the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council), the same moderate, centrist group that Bill Clinton himself (and Joe Lieberman) once led. He’s an outspoken Christian who ran surprisingly well among white evangelicals in his close 2006 Senate race in Tennessee. He’s also even younger (he’ll be 38 in May) and better-looking than Obama, with the same sort of suave presentation and blue-chip academic credentials (University of Pennsylvania, and University of Michigan Law School). During his five-terms in the House of Representatives he compiled a conspicuously moderate record (supporting limitations on abortion, backing a stronger military and the war on terror) that could help Clinton run to the middle.

Of course, Clinton/Ford Jr. goes down in flames to McCain/Rice...

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