Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday Night Bloggerment Pimpage

While everyone else creams over (and on) Sir Al for putting together the most wonderful BBT3, I wanted to take a quick moment to plug Tuesday night's regularly scheduled bloggerment madness, staring with Week 4 of the Bodog Blogger Tournament Series:

The Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament Series is composed of a series of 18 qualifying tournaments that run weekly beginning Tuesday, February 5th, 2008 to Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008. The top 30% of finishers in each qualifying tournament will earn points based on their finish. These points will be used to rank players over 4 months of qualifying. At the end of the qualifying series, the top 18 players on the Tournament Leader Board will play in the Final Tournament on Tuesday, June 10th, 2008 with the first place finisher winning a $12,000 WSOP* prize package!

Final Tournament
Buy-in: $0 + $0 (must finish in the Top 18 on the TLB to be invited)
Grand Prize: $12,000 WSOP* Prize Package with Team Bodog
2nd place: T$540 to be used to buy-in to (2) World Series or Players Choice Semifinal
3rd place: T$379 to be used to buy-in to (1) World Series or Players Choice Semifinal and (1) $100,000 Guaranteed Tournament
4th: T$270 to be used to buy-in to (1) World Series or Players Choice Semifinal
5th: T$109 to be used to buy-in to (1) $100,000 Guaranteed Tournament

Of course, the weekly tournaments continue to feature Bodog's more than generous T$600 overlay, and who doesn't like free money?

Bodog Blogger Tournament Leader Board
The Tournament Leader Board is available at http://www.bodoglife.com/promotions/poker/blogger-tournament/ throughout the course of the Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament Series. It will provide the point totals for every player that has played in the qualifying tournaments. The top 30% of players in each tournament will receive points according to finish which at the end of the qualifying tournaments will ultimately determine who will move on to the Final Event. The top 18 players on the TLB at the end of the qualifiers will earn their way to the Final Event.

How To Register
To register for the Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament Series, poker bloggers must first go to http://www.bodoglife.com/promotions/poker/blogger-tournament/ and sign in with their Bodog account information in the upper right hand corner. Once this is completed, they then must click on "REGISTER NOW" to register themselves into the tournament series. Bloggers will each have to do this once in order to play in the series. Once this is done, they then need to find the "Online Poker Blogger Tournament" in the software and register as they normally would each and every week.

I've been absolutely dead money in this thing so far, but the chase has a ton of race left to run, and if you haven't joined this series yet, what's keeping you?

Tuesday night also features Chad's most fun Blogger Skillz Series, with tonight's edition feeling as cheap as a $12 HOE. No, not the east Colfax variety, we're talking a rotation of Limit HE, Limit O8, and Limit Stud 8, with double stacks and bounties. Come get some.

Sadly, I won't be around for any of the fun tonight, as I've got a mandatory office function that will keep me away from my appointed bloggerments, yet fill my tummy quite nicely. Since I'm away, the tourneys will be that much harder, as my dead money won't be in the pool...

But at least I'll get to try out a 1000 Flower Martini. That's right, Sapphire Gin and Tuscan 1000 Flower Honey. I'm presuming it's shaken, not stirred...

And yes, it's coming, it's coming, it's almost here:

Just remember, Al, while you're wiping the collective spunk of a hundred bloggers off your face, you have only yourself to thank*. And we thank you, too...

*and Hoy, and Miami Don, and Mookie, and yes, even the mighty King of Donks...

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Jestocost said...

Enjoy the dinner. By coincidence, that's where I had dinner the last time I was in Denver. I had one of the specials. It was quite tasty.