Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pokerin' on Politics Night

Well, last night certainly was a mixed bag, wasn't it?

Last night was the Colorado caucases, and wouldn't you know it, the Good Doctor Mondo was selected as a delegate to the county convention coming up in a couple of months. If she's really lucky, she could end up being a delegate at the national convention in Denver, and not even have to stay in a hotel.

Anyway, the caucus was pretty cool, with something like 500% normal turnout. Oddly enough, our precinct really was a microcosm of the whole state. Obama won the caucus by a near exact 2:1 margin of Clinton, and our precinct voted exactly 2:1 for Obama. Interestingly enough, there was not a single person of color at the caucus, and probably 60% of the voters were female. Small sample size, but it shows Obama has a widening base. Though wifey is a Clinton delegate, here's hoping Obama can come back from his current 70-something delegate deficit.

On to poker...

It was nice to get home and realize I was only blinded out of about 8% or so of my stack in the Bodog Blogger and Skillz tournaments. Unfortunately, I wish I could have taken advantage of still having a stack. I went out somewhere in the final three tables of the Bodonkey, after never being able to get any real momentum or cards. Congrats to Kurokitty for taking down the first leaderboard edition, and jumping in front of the leaderboard race. My own Bodog success would come later in the evening.

In the Skillz game, I was actually able to chip up a few times (picking up Dawn's bounty in the process), but by the time the antes and bringins jumped up, I transmogrified from a poker player into a bricklayer. Awesome 3 card deals, only to catch enough bricks on 5th, 6th and 7th to build an office block. Appropriately enough, I blew off the rest of my chips against the only other short stack on my table (Jeciimd, maybe?) when the 643A I had by 4th street failed to fill a low, and his one pair held up for high.

So no dice in the bloggerments, but they were fun as always. I wasn't really counting on a chance at Week One points in the Bodonkey, knowing I'd miss a lot of early play, but I would have liked a 3rd straight Skillz Series cash.

That said, given later events, it's all good. I was also playing the $10k guarantee at Bodog (where I finished 28th for $50), a $10+1 2-7 Triple Draw tourney, the $1 NHLE rebuy at Full Tilt, and managed to run deep in all, when my internutz decided to go completely tits up for about 15 minutes (when antes were the order of the day). Sick sick sick. Given the time when it took place, I surely would have blinded out of both bloggerments, unless I'd built huge stacks. Lost 1/2 my stack in the $10k, and even when I got service back, Bodog was automucking me, until I re-closed and re-opened the software. When I finally had control of my chips, we were down to 56 players (45 paid), and I was on the morphine drip. I managed to triple up and squeak into the money, but eventually, my 88 all in was called by A4o and A6o (gotta love the fish!), and I go home when the board comes aces and fours.

By then, I crashed out of the 2-7 TD tourney in around 12th place (side note, what's up with Stars only paying 3 of 36 spots?!?!?, I'll never play that event again), but I had managed to amass a final table stack in the $1 rebuy. Unfortunately, I was rivered three hands in succession to get low, and went out around 30th, for a measly $9. Still, I never had to rebuy, and was only in for $2, so I can't really complain, but going from 7th in chips to out, in the span of three hands where I was up be well more than race percentages as of the turn, kinda stung.

Overall, it was a slight bankroll loss night, mostly thanks to the $20 I lost playing limit Omaha during all this, but learning the lesson of not playing NLHE, 2-7 Triple Draw, Limit Stud 8, NLHE w/rebuys, and PLO at the same time will benefit me and my sanity to no end.

Tonight's the Mookie/Dookie two-fer, but I won't be around -- our state senator and rep are speaking tonight, and the Good Doctor Mondo and I will be there. But you aren't here, so instead, you should be here:

Enjoy the felt, and I leave you with this wonderful preflop fold from last night:

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pokerpeaker said...

Wow, I can't believe you folded A-5 os UTG early in a tournament. You should always play that hand because there's always a chance to catch quads. Lesson learned.