Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Before going further, please take thee quickly to the inernational house of Hoyazo and congratulate him on his massive win in FullTilt's fitty/fitty last night for nearly $11 large. That's his third major cash in just a couple of weeks, and he must be over $20k in MTT cashes just this far in 2008 already. Dude, we're all proud of you.

Well, hell's bells, I shoulda gone to Vega$, given my Oscar picks. In a surprise, I managed to correctly predict six out of eight categories in my blog yesterday, and during the show, I correctly called Film Editing, Sound Mixing, and Sound Editing on the fly. I coulda been a contenduh!

At any rate, the show was fun enough. I'm glad no cheeseball Disney song won this year, which saved me at least one trip to the bathroom to hurl at such sugarcheese overload. In a surprise, the 2nd biggest winner was The Bourne Ultimatum, which is a really cool thing indeed.

I'm writing short today, since I'm writing late today, but just wanted to update a bit of weekend pokering. The theme of the weekend was, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Much like last week, I was able to final table a Bodog guarantee tourmanent, yet my bankroll was pretty much neutral, since picking up cash elsewhere was difficult, at best. However, in a tribute to some other blogger's recent bloggery...

Dems Quads, Bitches.

But it gets better:

Dems Quad Bitches, Bitches -- and getting bet into, no less.

Unfortunately, aggro-Euro LaGork folded to my less-than-pot-size-raise:

This was in the PokerStars $3 rebuy, a tourney I love dearly, but one in which I barely profited today. I've recentely tried playing rebuys without an upfront rebuy, and waiting for semi-premium hands to double up early. Well, yesterday, that did not work, and I was in this tourney for four rebuys and an add-on. At least I survived into the $$$ this time, but going out shortly after the bubble, I only managed to barely cover my buy-ins for this tourney, as I went completely card dead in hour three, and sunk like Ashlee Simpson's recording career.

The Stars Sunday $100k donkafest was even worse, as my QQ got cracked by AKo very early, for most of my chips. And no, not by an A or a K, but by four miserable little spades, none of which were higher than an 7. But all was not lost, thanks to Bodog.

After crashing two $11 attempts to squeeze into the field for their $100k, I managed to stay alive in a $2k guarantee (that was over $3k, with about 320 runners), and nursed a short stack until the bubble. At that point, it was fly baby fly, double double toil and trouble, until the final table, where I sat down in 6th. Well, we get down to 7, with first paying about $800, when I see AKs in late position. I don't recall what blinds were, but i had about a 5th place stack at this point, and I went my normal 3x to 3.5x preflop raise. Clearly, this must have looked like a steal, because big blind, who had me covered by a small bit, decided to shove.

So I call.

He flips AQo, yay me, we're playing for what would be a 2nd place stack. And then the Q hits the flop, and I go home. Once again, the final tables are there for the taking, and I can't avoid having a 70/30 or better hand getting beat on the way to a likely Top 3 cash. And, apparentely, I'm going to need one of these mythical top threes to actually grow my roll. Someday, kemosabe, someday. In the meantime, I'll have to vicariously live through Hoy's cashes, I suppose.

Anyway, good luck on the virtual felt this week. I leave you with the three-outer that knocked me out of the $100k satellite, only about 10 spots from the seats. As you can see, it took a miracle turn to even make a three outer possible (the all-in was on the flop):

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Scrupboy said...

Ouch on that last hand!

I believe I was in the same $3 rebuy and the 100k as you on Sunday. Made a 200 place finish in the rebuy and lost QQ in the cutoff to AA in the SB (so unlucky) about 250 places to the $$. Oh well.

Nice job on the 7th place finish, you're due to take this one down soon!