Sunday, February 17, 2008

Loose Ends

Not a ton to report on the poker front -- haven't played much since the Tuesday bloggerments, where I combined playing bad with running bad, but...

Yesterday, I finally saw folks registered in a single table 2-7 triple draw SNG, so I thought I'd give it a go, after my middling run in the 2-7 Triple Draw MTT a couple weeks back. Ended up 2nd for a small cash, after playing fairly solidly, and taking down enough position bluffs to stay ahead of the short stacks. I did make one early mistake -- after taking down the first pot and playing the 2nd, I called down with four to a 7-high, not realizing there were no draws left. GG me, take my chips, please.

Took 2nd in the 50-runner bar poker game on Monday -- ship the gift certificate and Bit burgers.

Highlight of the week for me was Tuesday, though. After donking out of both bloggerments in colossally stuperific fashion, I managed to overcome some early beats to final table my 2nd $5.50 PLO MTT in a row, and with a better finish than last time:

(I was unable to improve and went out 3rd.)

I really do enjoy this particular tourney. Though I don't play it very often, I have managed to cash in it probably more often than I have any other regularly-scheduled MTT, probably 6-7 times over the past year. It's doublestacked, so nits like me can be patient. It's Omaha Hi, so you don't see folks playing stupid with a four-suited A27J. Well, not too often, anyway. I've seen anywhere from 140-200 players on a typical night. And even the final table tends to wind down at an hour where I can still get a good six hours sleep before work.

A small bonus is, I regularly run into this guy playing the same event.

So yeah, the 10:45 PM EST $5.50 DS PLO should be a regular part of your donkament diet, too. It's tasty and nutritious to one's bankroll.

Hoping to play some later today or this evening, but brunch with the Good Doctor Mondo, and my favorite bar poker dealer and his girl will likely keep me away from the Stars $100k.

Oh yeah, today's also the 50th Daytona 500 -- boogity boogity boogity. My boy Jamie Mac's been a relative disappointment, and the Fords truly appear to be Found On Road Dead this season, but he did win the summer race at Daytona last year, so go go go #26!

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lightning36 said...

I am getting my Omaha training in that tournament. Catch ya there sometime ...