Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Light Weekend (Thus Far)

So far, not much on the poker front. The only tourney I played yesterday was a $3/90 KO over at FullTilt, where I did manage to final table with one KO, but went home 7th. A little bit of low limit Omaha and Razz at the same time, and the Tilt roll is almost up to...drumroll please...a whopping $200. No complaints, it was under $8 at the start of the year, but the fine folks over at FlopTurnRiver set me on my way.

Friday night was far more interesting and fun. One of my favorite local bands, a Britpop-ish outfit called King For A Day, was playing a full night (3 sets) at the Waterloo Icehouse. (For the Austinites amongst you, the Icehouse is owned by the same folks who started and originally owned that legendary institution of great tunage, Waterloo Records.

Anyway, the Icehouse has free wireless, and I thought I'd donk around a bit before the KFAD show, but alas, there was only one table in the entire joint that was near enough to a power outlet for me. So, I stood around for about 110 minutes, waiting for that table, while the couple who'd actually finished eating even before I walked in, spent about two goddamn hours nursing 1.5 drinks apiece, before they would abandon the ONE table I was waiting for. Finally, they bail, and I get my coveted power outlet table, only to have to give it up for the soundman about 20 minutes later, so I move to the front, just before the stage, and the sound and KFAD are so good, previewing new tunes from their upcoming EP, I completely donk off my chips in three of the four tourneys I'm in. But only three -- I'm holding my own in the $5.50 PLO tourney, though scraping the bottom of remaining players.

Eventually, we're down to about 28 left (18 pay), and my battery is at about 18%. Lo and behold, the soundguy is using only one of the two outlets, and has empty space at his table. Go Mondo! Not only does he let me setup shop for the final rounds, he's curious about what I'm doing, and quite friendly, to boot. So, to Tony, I thank you for giving me the juice I needed until I could chip up and stagger into a final table 7th place finish. The timing could not have been more perfect, as the band finished up about 15 minutes later. To the Icehouse, and Tony, and Goose and KFAD, I thank you for a wonderful Friday night's entertainment. Boca burgers, beer, music, and pokerz, yay me.

BTW, downtown old town Louisville, Colorado - don't go changing to try to please us, yer beautiful as you are.

As for today, it's a rare Sunday indeed, when I can actually play donkaments, but Stars is really screwing the pooch today, and as of now (3:15pm EST), it certainly appears as of the $10+1 $100k ain't gonna run. My only chance for three weeks, up in server dust, it seems...

To all my fellow bloggers in FTOPS #8, I wish you all good luck, and large pots.

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