Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday Morning Randominity

It's rather hard to blog a lot about one's poker play when...well...when one hasn't exactly played a lot of poker. Donked around a few on Saturday, and scored once again in Stars $3 rebuy, for about 3.5 times what I was in for. But since I was only in for 1R+1A, it wasn't exactly a big payday. Donked out of a few other tournies in the session, and probably dropped a whole $20 from my bankroll...That was pretty much the extent of my play over the weekend.

Lisa Lampanelli was definitely the Queen of Mean, and she performed for a good 80 minutes or so, but as funny as she is, her insult comic routine didn't really have enough breadth to keep me engaged that long, as it was pretty much entirely focused on racial stereotyping. Don't get me wrong -- she was funny, sometimes outrageously so. However, I would have liked to have seen a broader range of comedy. Her emcee/opening act was high-larious, however. Unfortunately, I never did get her name, but her 15 minutes of semi-fame were of a higher quality...

So Scott Fischman wins the first BBT3 event? Meh. I know these things aren't just for bloggers, but something just feels a bit greasy when a FullTilt red name pro takes down the first TOC seat. Scott's a very well known and successful player (and I'm told he's even very recently begun to blog), and this is no criticism of him or his play. But goddamn, when the end result of the BBT3 is, in at least some way, intended to send someone to the WSOP Main Event who would otherwise be extremely unlikely to play it...well, having a FullTilt signed pro in the running just. seems. wrong.

Oh well, BBT3 is an unlikely thing for me, anyway, since over 90% of my online play does not involve the nights when the Big Game, Mookie, Mondays at the Hoy, and Riverchasers take place. I'm going to keep pushing on in the Bodonkey, and maybe even luckbox a Skillz game. But even the idea of a chance at a chance at a ME seat really isn't enough to retract my commitment to give my Wednesday and Thursdays to my Good Doctor Mondo.

And, for the next few weeks at least, as long as I'm still in the top 3 or so of the Monday bar poker league, it's hard for me to bail on that, as long as I have a chance at taking down the $75 top prize. Yup, you read that right, the top regular season prize equates to a single buyin at Don's Big Game. But, as Marcellus Wallace said, that sting is pride fuckin' wit' ya. Whether it's truth or ego, I feel like I am in the single handful of best players at that joint, and though I've won two final tournaments there, I've never taken down a regular season title. I want it so bad I can taste it, and the fact this is the season in which I once turned in enough chips before 2nd break to more than double cover anyone else in the field (thus costing me nearly certain top 4-5 points for the night) just makes me want it more.

So, that means no Mondays at the Hoy for now, though that could change near the end of BBT3. Ultimately, I'm pretty damn certain I won't be playing any any BBT Tournament of Champions, and will simply wish you all good luck, and beg for luckboxery at Bodog, where it seems I can final table anything I play...except for the Bodonkey, dammit.

If you have a moment, please stop by The Poker Enthusiast and leave a few words of support and condolence. His father passed away most unexpectedly this past Friday -- PE, all of us out there in the blogoverse send you vibes of support and empathy in what is clearly a very difficult time for you and yours.

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The Poker Enthusiast said...

My family and I greatly appreciate the kind thoughts and words you have for us in our time of grief. Our prayers are returned to you in honor of my father. Thank you.