Friday, March 21, 2008

Tags - Not Just For Graffiti Artists Anymore

I've been tagged by Pokerpeaker, and while I have no intention of passing it on (because most everyone I would is already linked, and because it's my 4th job to put a stop to all memes, heh), I will sorta play along with answers. I truly enjoy Peaker's blog, I enjoy sitting on his right on the virtual felt, and his Jayhawks dominated my 'Horns in the Big 12 conference tourney.

1. I once broke a vertebra in an unfortunate rugby accident, while playing a "B" side game for Queen City against my own club. Speared by a teammate. I suppose it beats "touched by a goombah". (This is on top of five concussions, a broken leg, a broken hand, and various other bodily gaffs.)

2. I attended twelve schools growing up. Six elementary schools, two junior highs, and six high schools. Why you bet so much? That's what happens when you a) live in a musician family, b) whose father remarries, eventually c) moves cross-country, and you eventually d) turn into a sorta juvi delinquent. Two of the schools were for "gifted" and one was an alternative school for kids in trouble. They all beat the hell out of my 31 days in juvi lockup, though.

3. I love love love love snow, though it wasn't always so. When we don't get several feet a year, I feel ripped off. But back at my first military assignment, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan during the mid-80s, where it would snow four inches a day with not a cloud in the sky, and you could get lost walking 80 feet from your dorm to the chow hall, it kinda sucked. I have experienced 30" blizzards in three different locales, though. Marquette, Michigan...Longmont, Colorado...and Washington, DC. Okay, the DC snow was actually two separate blizzards over three days, but it was there.

4. I've made records, either full-length albums or 5-6 song EPs, with six different bands. None of them were ever properly pressed, shrink-wrapped, etc. One of them is available on the iTunes store. All of them are very different from one another, yet all of the projects remain special to me in some way.

5. I've been married twice. The first time was on top of a mountain. The second time was with Elvis as my witness. The second time has been a far far far better experience. There will not be a third.

6. I am a bit of an organized packrat, in the sense that I never get rid of anything I ever first purchased for enjoyment. I still have thousands and thousands of mostly worthless baseball cards (though some good ones) that I've never contemplated selling. I haven't been able to find a new band to play with in over 18 months, yet I still keep four basses, two of which I never play at all. I never trade in CDs, even though I almost exclusively use my iPod to actually listen to them.

7. My dream cars are all old British sporting cars, (Jaguar E-types, Austin Healey 3000, Triumph TR-6, etc.), but I have zero mechanical aptitude whatsoever, and cannot maintain one.

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