Friday, March 28, 2008

TOC Seats and Blogger Gatherings

A few days ago, I mentioned how, after finising 2nd in the Skillz game, I was initially really bummed that I couldn't finish one spot higher and pick up a seat to the BBT3 Tournament of Champions.

Well, upon further review, I'm not so much bummed. In fact, I may end up being more bummed out if I am to actually win a TOC seat? Why, do you ask? Because as of now, I'm scheduled to be working a trial in Ohio for the first two weeks of June. The TOC is Saturday, June 7th, but that's the weekend in between two trial weeks. Though I can't say with 1000% certainty, I've a pretty good idea I'll be working around the clock that entire weekend on prep for the following week. Of course, this also means missing the BBT3 freeroll on the 8th, as well. Most likely.

What is actually most likely is this: If I end up not winning a TOC seat between now and then, the case will settle, or the trial team will head home on the weekend, leaving me with no work, and I'd otherwise be available to play a tourney I'm not in. If I do win a TOC seat, I'll be crushed and dominated like a KK facing a flopped set of AAA, and I won't be able to play. That's the way these things usually go.

However, I once nearly lost my job when I begged off a trial team because of some long-ago arranged recording sessions and good-paying gigs to pay for those sessions. And being the weekend warrior I am (and never selling any records), I know never to pull a stunt like that again. So work it is.

The real bummer is, I am definitely a no-go for the summer blogger gathering, making me 0-for-forever at showing up for drunken paigow or IP Geisha Bar shenanigans since the start of my blogging days. At least there's a chance the next winter gathering will incorporate my birthday, and I'm fuckin' entitled to go, lol.

But no worries - I'll continue to donate mightily in the Skillz series, and may even start playing the Mookie in about four weeks time...though I'll probably use my current $75 token in something other than the Big Game, given the futility of the BBT3 for moi.

In the meantime, I'm going to see a truly amazing indie band from Syracuse, NY tonight -- Ra Ra Riot:

I'm sure 101% of you have probably never heard of them, but I saw the band last summer at Monolith. I must say, it's been many many years since I've seen an indiepop band just be so joyous and infectious on stage, which takes on more import, given the tragedy that's befallen this band in the past.

For you crusty strictly metal types, there's probably not a lot here for you. However, if you like your pop bouncy, hopeful, with lots of jangle and strings, you may find something truly special here. My favorites are "Each Year" and "Ghost Under Rocks", though "Dying is Fine" is utterly moving, given the story.

Anyway, good luck all on the felt this weekend.

Oh yeah, the Heartland Poker Tour's stop in Blackhawk begins today. I haven't decided my level of participation yet, given my poor SNG record, and unavailability until late for the $340 qualifiers....

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