Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Playlist from New Music Mondays

Well shoot, I didn't exactly keep a record of everything I managed to play during last night's festivities, but this should just about cover most of it...

The band name is first, followed by the song, the album it came from (in italics), and the band's origin. Most of these bands, even if unfamiliar, are pretty readily found over teh internets. I'm not fancy enough to post mp3s on my blog (unless I have a direct link to it), because I suck at fanciful blogging and have no web storage. But if anything jumps out at you, let me know, and I can pass along more about any given band.

The Woggles
- Flash Flood - The Zontar Sessions (Atlanta)
Freddy & the Fourgone Conclusions - Come On Over to My Side - Wigged Out Sounds (Michigan)
We the People - My Brother, the Man - Mirror of Our Minds (Orlando)
The Barracudas - This Ain't My Time - Drop Out With the Barracudas (England, I think)
Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E. - Astrokorper - The Living Eye (Switzerland)
The Pebbles - Square Box - Pink Pistachio Candy (Japan)
The 14th Wray - Your Face Is In My Mind - Time Machine: The History of Canadian 60s Garage Punk & Surf (Canada)
The Pleasure Seekers - What A Way to Die - Hang It Out to Dry! (no bloody idea)
Manual Scan - Nothing You Can Do - All Night Stand (San Diego)
The Woggles - The World Is Falling - Rock and Roll Backlash (Atlanta)
The Penetrators - Guns Don't Argue - For A Few Guitars More (Atlanta)
Sincron - Pe Linga Plopii Fara Sot - Planetary Pebbles, Vol 1 (CzechosloTvakia, I think)
The Waistcoats - I'll Come Back - All the Rage (The Netherlands)
The Black Watch - Left Behind - Teenage Shutdown: Get A Move On! (Iowa)
The Embrooks - Standing Upside Down - Our New Day (England)
Jacques Dutronc - Le Responsable - Completement Dutronc (France)
The Sound Barrier - Hey Hey - Teenage Shutdown: The World Ain't Round, It's Square (no idea)
Monks - Shut Up - Black Monk Time (Germany by way of U.S. Army)
Graham Day & the Gaolers - Get Off My Track - Soundtrack to the Daily Grind (Medway)
The Omega Men - Beat Girl - The Spy-Fi Sounds Of... (Lancaster, PA)
John Barry Orchestra - Beat Girl - EMI Years: 1957-1960 (England)
The Florenteens - Bad Days Good - Like You Mean It (Washington, DC)
Tiger! Tiger! - Jealous Lovers - Collisions (Atlanta)
The Bristols - He'll Never Come Back - Introducing...the Bristols (England)
The Bruthers - Bad Way to Go - Bad Way to Go (no idea)
The Woggles - Jezebel - Live! at the Star Bar (Atlanta)

A few notes and observations, appropo of nothing in particular...

Yeah, I played a lot of Woggles, but for different reasons. Flash Flood is essentially a short badass fast insto, and it made sense to kick off the night in that fashion. The World Is Falling is a cover of a really cool 60s German garage rock song, and I unfortunately don't have a copy of the original. Jezebel...well, I just threw that in at the end of the night, and it was going to be either their version, or The Mummies', or The Hate Bombs', and I just think The Woggles version is the best sounding. Basically, I wanted to play the song, more than I wanted to worry about who played it.

As for The Florenteens, well, that's actually a former indiepop band of mine. I intended not to play any music from any of my bands, but a few of us were chatting up stuff about what we're doing with our current bands, and New Ben Franklins is actually playing a Florenteens song in their set list, so I played it to demo it. So sue me. If'n yer curious, the link is to a decent bandwidth version of that particular tune.

Yes, both versions of "Beat Girl" are actually the same song. John Barry wrote it for a truly cheesy UK B-movie from 1960 starring Christopher Lee, Oliver Reed, Adam Faith, and Margot Bryant ("Hop-Head UK School Girls Get In Trouble!"), and The Omega Men really spy-fi'd it up with some killer Hammond B3 - the contrast was fun.

For those bands whose location is listed as "no idea", if I got off my lazy ass long enough to pull out the CDs, I can figure it out if you're interested, as well as the years of most of the songs. But given most of the miniscule readership is more interested in online poker than in obscure garage rock, I don't imagine the effort would be necessary.

Anyway, the night was a total blast on all accounts, thanks again to all who spun, and to the Larimer Lounge and DJ HOT TO DEATH for hosting. Hope to do it again soon!

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Tyler said...

Enjoyed what I heard of it... Thanks for posting the sets. I can go snag the bits and pieces I don't own.