Monday, December 22, 2008

Back in the (Bass) Saddle

New Ben Franklins played our first show Saturday night. Here it is Monday at work, and I'm still kinda wrecked. Yeah, it was good. And exhausting...I forgot how old one can feel the next day after hauling around amps and speaker cabinets at 2:30 in the morning.

I ended up being totally lame on Sunday and bailed from a show I really wanted to go to last night. To The Fire Drills, my apologies, and my loss -- I'm sure your last show before the Omens' European Tour was as awesome was every other. And I lost yet another chance to see The Getdown! I will get to one of your shows real soon. I really would have enjoyed another Eyes and Ears show, too. My loss.

As far as debut gigs go, it was probably the 2nd best of all the bands I've played in over the years. Our drummer was spot on, the songs went over well, our frontman was in good voice, only that shoddy bass player missed a few stray notes. All in all, I felt we came off well. We actually ended up playing in front of maybe a couple dozen people, which isn't bad for a first gig of an opening act band. More importantly, those who saw us seemed to legitimately enjoy it as much as we enjoyed playing it.

To my favorite Shannon, thanks for round of shots for the band, that certainly helped!

One cool part of playing shows around town is getting on bills with bands you may not have otherwise gone to see. I can state that's the case with regard to Burn Sand Burn, who I'd never seen nor heard before, even though I know they've been kicking around for a while. I just never really thought seeing them, and they didn't happen to be on any bills with other bands I was going out to see on a given night. Well, the one lesson I came away with on Saturday is that Burn Sand Burn is a really good band.

There's really sort of two Burn Sand Burns, in my ears. One plays this kinda post punky, not-quite-hardcore, well crafted punk rock. The other played a much more proggy hard rock with which I'm really not familiar. When you ask what their strong suit it, I can only answer "both". My taste runs towards the former, but every aspect of this band is strong. The highlight is their tight rhythm section, and a bass player with phenomenal tone and skill.

Another cool part of playing shows around town is getting on bills with bands you are a fan of. This is very much true with regard to Primasonic. Now that's a band after my own heart. First, they're a bunch of old fucks like myself. I bet they were as exhausted as I was yesterday. Second, they play a brand of punk rock that reaches right back to 1977, and is reminiscent at times of great English punk bands like The Damned, Ian Dury & the Blockheads, and Sham 69. Third, they do it well, and are nice guys to boot. I once had the opportunity to fill on bass for them for one particular gig, which ultimately got cancelled the day before the show. I'm glad we finally got to do a show together -- playing on a bill with Primasonic is the next best thing to playing with Primasonic.

So yeah, that was pretty much my weekend. The Good Doctor Mondo and I did drive around last night looking at all the purty Christmas lights on houses in the fancy part of Longmont (yes, we actually do have a moneyed part of town; no, we do not live there). And I got her presents all wrapped and under the tree, so it was a bit productive.

I wasn't able to qualify for the WBCOOP, because I missed all the qualifying events. So no online poker for me this past weekend other than Friday. But congratulations to Buddy Dank on his deep run and high finish (12th place). As it turns out, I'm not familiar with any of the other bloggers who finished in the high positions, but congratulations to you all, as well.

This week, more rehearsal, holiday egg nog, and another New Ben Franklins gig on Friday...

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