Monday, December 08, 2008

Getting Older is Great!

entirely non-poker content

The past couple of days made for a very enjoyable birthday weekend, and one that included zero poker whatsoever, whether online poker or live.

Seeing The Christines one off reunion (at least until the next) was a real treat. I wasn't around back in the day, but these dudes were legends, especially if you liked bands such as The House of Love (the Butterfly album, anyway) or The Ocean Blue, or even Echo & the Bunnymen, which I always did. Anyway, I'm glad I was able to catch the show -- it did feel nearly like AARP night at the hi-dive, given how many of the old early 90s scene kids came out to the show. By the way, the new CD came out really swell, guys.

Perhaps even better was seeing the balls-out return of Lion Sized on Friday night, also at the hi-dive. Seeing Mssrs. Bergstrand and Burleson, along with new bassist Shane, completely kick ass and slay in their sorta old school post rock punk way (a bit Dischord-y, almost?) was long overdue. Great show guys, and props also out to Eyes & Ears. I very much enjoyed your raw and raggedy rock show, and I see why #3's been such a big fan -- I look forward to your 12/21 show with the Fire Drills and others.

Anyway, my birthday was an exhausting day, as after The Christines show, I ended up watching Kill Bill v2 until 4:30am, and barely functioned for our Sunday brunch at Toast. But what a bruch -- the Westword awards for 2007 Best Breakfast and 2008 Best Pancakes are well-deserved. Littleton's a long-ass way away from my house, but if we're ever in the area, we'll definitely be back.

Oh yeah, my darling Good Doctor Mondo knows me so well. The signed Dexter Fowler ball is mcawesome. I know my two or three readers don't know him, but to my Colorado Rockies, he is simply...the future.

To The Real Franco, thanks for the Bluetooth, I'll be setting it up this week! I know, I'm long overdue to use one in the car...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot - we're playing a show:

Hopefully, tomorrow evening will include some friendly online donking around, we'll see.

"drinkin' from a pony keg, and also drinkin' sparks" - Magic Cyclops

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