Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pimping a SRSLY FKIN Good Blog

Truly, a srsly fkin entertaining blog. Fcknsrsly, that is.

Noted Denver DJ Tyler "Danger" Jacobson (like Dangermouse, but without all those nasty rodent qualities) popped by the New Music Mondays guest DJ night at the Larimer Lounge, and we got to talking a bit poker and blogs and such...and thanks to him, I'm finally clued in about the blog he writes with Jake Ryan, fcknsrsly.com, and I can't recommend it enough. Very entertaining, my friend.

And hey, he even donks around the online poker a bit, even if it's play chips and even if he doesn't blog it.

I'm pretty sure some of you won't agree with his politics, but srsly, fcknsrsly is a lot more broad-based than that. Don't let your inner Hannity keep you from a good laugh or three. A blogalition of the willing, so to speak.

Now if the rest of us can just clue him in on what makes a particular $5 remix single a good value or not before he wastes the sheckels, that'll be another story. ZING!


Tyler said...

Now, come on - That Darker My Love remix was good. Worth the $5, no?

And believe me, that $5 is better spent on that 7" than put into an account on Poker Stars where it would easily dissolve in a wave of bad judgment.

lightning36 said...

Ah, your socialist friend's blog was full of the usual liberal mindless drivel I expected ... but the farting preacher was a work of art!