Friday, December 19, 2008

It Must Be the Season

Work is slow(ish).

My blog reader is showing much less new posts, outside of the gaggle of trip reports from the winter blogger gathering, and some Fcknsrs hilarity. Less activity on the few messageboards I read. People are clearly bailing for holiday fun.

Yet I'm still in the office.

I've had to miss every event in the JokerStars World Championships of Poker Bloggers, but no complaints. I haven't played a hand of online poker in ten days. Even if I did, and even if I got a freeroll into Sunday's final (which, ironically, I would be at home and available for), I'm not sure I could beat this guy in anything, however.

Chad's been completely unstoppable, and congratulations are in order. Yes, he is in fact the same guy who was willing to gift me all of his chips a few short weeks ago by calling off all his above-average stack chips with middle pair no kicker to a preflop raiser, only to hit the miracle river. Still, he's on a sick sick run these days, which goes to show that a little bit of talent, a willingness to get your chips in behind, and a fat rungood streak can build anyone's bankroll. Seriously, he's won about $35k in MTT prizes in just the last couple of weeks, and not a one time hit -- something like 6-7 takedowns at $5-6k a pop.

But my Christmas shopping is now complete, except for some more goodies for the Good Doctor Mondo. So today would be a real good day to bail early and do the last of the shopping, as she's attending two graduation ceremonies up north. Therefore, I can shop and wrap with impunity. I've got a pretty good idea what I'm picking up, though, and if I'm efficient enough about it, maybe I can actually squeeze in a few hands of 25NL or something.

Weekend looks full. Tomorrow we're spending four hours volunteering at a Toys For Tots event, and immediately after that, I've got to bust ass home and load up for this:

Yup, our debut at one of Denver's neatest tucked away drunkard establishments.

Of course, the tricky weather follows. After a mild start, the one night I'm DJing at the Larimer Lounge, it's 10 below. Today, it's about 30 degrees but fabulous. Tomorrow night? Wind chills of 15 below. Gigs that get booked weeks and months in advance seem to end up on the worst weather days of those weeks and months.

I do have a minor pet peeve, however. There is NO "the" in our name.

If you're in Denco, come on out tomorrow night and show us your awesomeness. And even if you're not, make your weekend complete and support live local music, where your local may be.

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