Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Remember Why I Hate Phones

I sometimes have to talk on them. And sometimes get distracted. Bodonkey took me from the penthouse to the poorhouse. I managed to spend a lot of time the first hour plus near the chiplead, and even managed to CrushICrushBloggers in a particular hand where aggression won the day (details slip me, but unless he bet superlight, he was probably ahead, as I definitely whiffed).

Anyway, my bandmate called, and we had to deal with some shit re upcoming shows, and in the span of two hands, I pretty much misplayed away my entire stack. Fuck me. I think in the end I 3-bet all in all my chips with AQ (A on board) to an obvious AK. I think. The other hand was pretty bad, too. And I was probably 3rd-6th in chips at the time.

But it was only $10. Of course, I pretty much played like shit the whole night in my other tourneys, managing only a mincash in a PL Omaha 8 tourney. However, there was one fun hand in a different tourney best described via photos:


Thanks for playing, time for paying!


The best part is (and no pic), the ace of spades came on the turn. So in the end, I needed every last bit of those flopped quads, just to survive the hand.

Needless to say, I didn't even cash in this one, either...

I don't think I played horribly, but definitely see a few spots where I played less than optimally. I was not the recipient of any truly vile suckouts, and in fact, made a couple of very good laydowns when I did get rundown (showdowns in those hands verified my reads). I like to think had I just ignored the fucking phone tonight, I might have run a lot deeper in the Bodonkey, but such is life. Seriously, my focus is a lot more towards New Ben Franklins at the moment, so whatev.

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Anonymous said...

you gotta love the gifts like that. Sucks you didn't cash.