Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Helping A Stranger Is Still Helping

One of our fellow poker bloggers, ViNNay, who I've slung a few chips with in bloggermnets over time (but not yet had the pleasure of meeting), has shared the sad story of a dear friend and neighbor.

This fellow sadly lost his house to a fire on Christmas Eve, started by a tenant who lived in a basement apartment. Even more sadly, Jeff's cat Maurice perished in the fire.

You can read the story and see the news coverage at http://helpjeffout.blogspot.com/

Jeff did have homeowner's insurance, but that isn't expected to cover much more than the existing mortgage and the cost of the demolition service. Even worse, Jeff's been laid off from his manufacturing job.

It may be after Christmas Day, but this is still a time for coming together and doing what we can. I'll be sending in a donation later today. Would you please join me?

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VinNay said...

Thank you so much for the link and donation Monodo. We really appreciate everything the bloggers are doing to help Jeff out.