Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pre-Holiday Catch Up

Been sick with a nasty cold for the last few days, but thanks to the Good Doctor Mondo, I'm feeling very well taken care of. I haven't been so sick that I couldn't make it out to see the amazing Dead Confederate on Saturday night, along with pieces of Apollo Sunshine, and great local bands Hawks of Paradise and The Knew. Oh yeah, also popped in for Jason Cain's solo EP release -- very good stuff!

Despite spending most of the weekend sick in bed, however, my online poker hiatus continues. However, I was fortunate to have been sought out to check out an upcoming poker training site (which for now shall remain nameless), and all I can say is, two thumbs up on the site, one way up. It has one rather revolutionary feature in particular, that really gets me energized to use. I look forward to seeing this site go live, at which time I'm sure I'll appropriately pimp it up here on the blog.

The more I step back from the game, the more I feel I'm ready to ease back in, so don't be surprised if you see me in the Bodonkey next Tuesday the 2nd. That will make three weeks off entirely, and I'm in a really good space right now.

But something else may keep me away, as I've just confirmed the first New Ben Franklins gig in our current lineup. The show's not until December 26th, at Denver's glorious Larimer Lounge. But we have a lot of work to do, and we're readying to start recording an EP, hopefully for late winter/early spring release. So things are busy on the band front. Still, if a certain former member of one of my favorite Denver bands needs a 4-stringer for his solo project, I hope he knows to reach out.

Oh yeah, I'll also be DJing at the Larimer on December 15th. I'll try to remember to post the set list here. I'm doing two 30-minute sets of old school garage rock, and one set of spy-fi instrumentals. Kurt Ottaway of the most excellent Overcasters is rotating sets with me that night, and I think he's doing garage rock, as well.

Well, that's pretty much a catch all. The Good Doctor Mondo and I head out for North Cackalacky on Turkey Day, to spend a few days with her family. (And hell no, I'm not taking my laptop.) So I wish you all a great Thanksgiving holiday, if you're in to that sort of thing. (I know you Canucks probably celebrate something else....)

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lightning36 said...

Looking forward to your return at the Bodonkey. Maybe we can get smokkee to put a bounty on you.

Have a great Thanksgiving!