Monday, November 17, 2008

Everybody Likes a Big Muff

Waffles and Al, get your minds out of the gutter -- I'm talking about my new toy:

The Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff Pi. Designed specifically for the bottom end, yeah. Thick thick fuzz, true bypass, and enough sustain to pluck a low E and leave it until you're feeling the brown notes.

Cost me less than I ususally donk off in buy-ins on a Tuesday, and since I'm on hiatus, I figured a new toy was in order. I've been using a Big Muff for years, but it wasn't for the bass, and was sucking out enough bottom end for me to think that pedal was a river two-outer. Besides, there's enough demand for Big Muffs that I should be able to recover 2/3 of the cost by selling my old muff. Read into that what you will, heh.

Anyway, this is one badass pedal, especially when added behind the overdrive I'm already using.

No live poker action this past weekend, and I haven't played a hand since Tuesday since I began my online poker hiatus. A piece of me is thinking about having my hiatus just go through the month. But that's only because I haven't yet filled up my dance card with other stuff. I'm pretty damn sure I won't be playing online till '09. So far, I'm using some of the down time playing more bass, and working New Ben Franklins toward playing shows as of January. But in the meantime, I'm actually planning on a couple hours of bar poker at the Bit tomorrow, just for old times' sake.

For those of you at the tables, may all your stacks and pots be huge.

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