Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Big McCain, and an After Action Report

Okay, I'm still a bit hungover from last night.

Some very incredible things happened in our great country. Liddy Dole and Marilyn Musgrave found spots at the end of the unemployment line, as did that shitbird from North Cackalacky, Robin Hayes.

Sadly, that civil liberties hater Michele Bachmann kept her seat in the House, but she'll still be about 4,000,000th in power and authority, and she only pulled 46% in a heavily Republican district.

Even more sadly, virtually every discriminatory anti-gay marriage amendment passed. I never understood all this talk about "marriage is under attack", or "defend traditional marriage", in that if it's not YOUR relationship, who the fuck cares? Do you think that becuase Joe and Steve want to wed, that your kid or your cousin or your spouse is all of a sudden going to get divorced from his wife and become gay? Really?

Perhaps the real concepts "attacking" traditional marriage is quickie no-fault divorces, or stupidity of people getting married before they're mature enough, or rampant infidelity which is at least as common amongst those on the evangelical right as in other parts of society. Perhaps if people like Ted Haggard and Jim Bakker kept their dicks in their drawers, their marriages wouldn't be under attack. Or perhaps it's all just been one huge lie, this concept of a party of "small government", when all they really want is for the government to stay out of every aspect of *their* lives, while they legislate the government becoming involved in every single aspect of yours.

I mean, I've been married twice, and I'm more than reasonably certain that my marriage has never been under attack by a gay man or lesbian. If your marriage is under attack by one, maybe you've got far bigger problems in your personal relationships than worrying about what Joe and Steve want to do with one another.

Colorado Amendment 50 passed, which is GREAT for us Colorado poker players. Not all the hurdles have been crossed yet, but the next ones are basic formalities, and by next June or July, most likely, we'll be able to play real ring game poker in the local casinos. Not no limit, but really, $1/2/100 spread limit should effectively play in most instances similar to a $1/2 game that caps buy-ins at $200-300. Plus, you'll start seeing games such as $4-8 and $10-20 run, if all goes well.

All in all, last night was a real watershed event for this nation. I'm still in awe.

Now the hard work begins, and while I expect this country to be in a lot better position four years from now, I sincerely hope people aren't expecting a 12-month miracle. The economy is certainly going to get worse before it gets better. Even a withdrawal from Iraq starting tomorrow would take 18 months to be done safely. And just because Bush is leaving power doesn't mean North Korea and Iran suddenly drop their nuclear games. But there is great reason for optimism.

But really, what I wanted to share with you is this - The Big McCain.

Some language not suitable for small children and office environments.

Mark it zero.

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OhCaptain said...

What saddens me the most is the truly die hard Democrats don't understand is that it's the disrespect that truly offends the moderates.

John McCain was never the enemy of our country and is a man of respect. He's not George W. Bush. George Bush is an idiot and will go down in history as quite possibly the worst president in history.

It's this blind hatred of Republicans that is by definition bigotry. To me the hypocricy of both groups is just nauseating.

I was called a racist today because I didn't vote for Obama. Race had nothing to do with my decision, but to make that accusation is ridiculous and frankly scary.

I'm not sure I want to know just how many people supported Obama with unrealistic expectations. I was told today that he would be righting the wrongs of slavery. What? How the heck is that going to happen.

This decision was truly gut wrenching for me. Watching videos like the one you have here are just juvenile and extremely disrespectful. I will reiterate. George W. Bush != John McCain.

Someday, I hope to understand why people of this county need to hate each other. I really do hope that Obama's vision of a more unified nation happens. I have growing doubts. His supporters don't seem to understand it. How am I?