Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Marrying Well

Marrying smart, at least.

The Good Doctor Mondo is now the Most Excellent Doctor Mondo, for just yesterday, she won won the College of Applied Human Sciences Tenure-Track Teaching Excellence Award for 2008 at her particular Rocky Mountain land grant university employer.

This means two things. One, a really bright shiny plaque to go up on one's "I love me" wall (no, she doesn't call it that, but back in the USAF days, we all had one...). Second, and more important, it's about as close as you can get to being told you're getting tenure. It is unheard of for someone getting this award two years before going up for tenure, to not actually get tenure once you go up. So yeah, while she's gotta keep plugging away, I can't think of a better endorsement for her future in academia. She's smart like that, and I am incredibly proud of her.

Of course, only one of us married smart, and it wasn't her.

Bar poker tonight. A piece of me wishes I was going after the Waffle-bounty tonight, but I'm still sitting out the online poker game, certaintly through November, if not through '08.

But really, nailing the Wafflestack is like taking money from tourists at the MGM, it's that easy, so you should be there, even if I'm not. Read about it here, and sign up!


lightning36 said...

"Of course, only one of us married smart, and it wasn't her."

I'll reserve comment here. : o )

Hope to see you back at the tables when the time is right. We can both bemoan the Obama presidency in 2009 ... he he.

Mondogarage said...

Oh, I'll be back. It's becoming more likely I'll make an appearance or two next month...I just needed to chill out some seriously uber tilt. But truth is, music stuff's starting to take up more time, and poker has to be where I make up the difference.

Fuel55 said...

Very nice.