Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bofixin' the Calendar

Okay, so I boofed. Evelyn Ng wasn't a bounty in the "Send Mondo to the Rail for the Year" edition of Bodonkey on Tuesday.

But she's here tonight, and she's hot to give up her chipstack.

I won't be playing, but you should. Details of this online poker extravaganza can be found here.

As for me, I'm enjoying the beginning of my self-imposed six week vacation. The real goal is to be able to actually enjoy MTT play when I return next year. Or maybe jump to SNG play and enjoy that. When I come back, I'm still sufficiently rolled for Stars $4/180 and $6/45s Put in a bit less volume on a night so that the sheer number of inevitable beats at one time overwhelm me.

I appreciate what Hoy's had to say on the subject, but people who focus on the $10 MTT nature of the events sort of miss the point. It's not the volume of $$$ nearly as much as it's been the sheer number of gross beats of 80%-90% and better hands, that drove me over the cliff, to the extent that a less logical person would ascribe the same kind of cheating tendencies to every online site that those shitbirds over at UB/AP were guilty of.

But I digress. Last night was good to just get out and rehearse, and not even give one thought to online poker. Still, I'm hoping to make at least one more Blackhawk run before the end of the month...we'll see.

When I wish you good luck on the felt, all I really wish is that you don't have my luck. So good luck.

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Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Only point I'm making is that, for me, there is no beat or series of beats in $10 tournament(s) that can even approach a play that directly turns $4500 into $800, or knocks you out on the final table bubble of a WSOP event, etc. As someone who has taken about 50 billion bad beats in both the lower and higher dollar tournaments, the absolute dollars involved definitely play a role in the severity (and for me, the anger-production) of taking those beats. I took one of the gheyest, most frustrating beats of my life in the boshitty the other day, but I just can't get that bothered by it since it was only a $10 buyin, it happened before the money positions, and even if I went on to win the entire thing, it was only a hundy or two to win anyways.

I feel your pain man. Welcome to my world.