Friday, September 05, 2008

The World According to MiamiDon

"The leaders of the Republican party have always been smarter and way more organized that the other party and it's starting to show again."

I guess that explains these:

(Clearly has not seen "Top Gun" just yet)

(This would be using Walter Reed Middle School as a backdrop instead of the intended Walter Reed Army Medical Center)

I dunno, it seems to me that for the alleged "angry left", liberals are continuing to show a greater sense of humor.

I think the real difference is that I can accept being wrong (and have certainly been wrong on more than a few occasions), while the extreme right can't really accept anyone having a differing opinion than they do, without hurling invective and personal animus. That's okay, I'd wear the uniform to defend your right to insult me again, just the same.

A small irony amongst this lil' poker blogger community is this. I wonder of all of you who have decided to deviate from the path of debate, to simply insulting those you disagree many of you have ever actually performed any service for anyone other than yourself at all? Any military service? Any Peace Corps vets? Any Americorps? Any soup kitchen volunteering? I'm sure there's a few of you out there, please share with us your stories of service for the benefit of others.

By the way, a HUGE pair of congratulations to Evy for her fantastic finish at Event 1 of the Borgata series. Very well done!


Riggstad said...

You post those pictures and call it hummor...

Did you listen to the commentary after the convention from the likes of Keith Oberman? Was that him being funny, or hurtful?

Maybe not, and the right has their own jackass in Sean Hannity as well, but lets at least be realistic here.

You call what the left says and does as having a "sense of humor" and then say call the same retort from the right vile and unkind.

Someone else calls it the complete opposite.

I'll never get how each side gets to different distinctions when they both pull the same horseshit tactics.

Call it how you see it.

and I served my country for 4 years in the US Marines.

I also own a small business which employs a whole lot of different people.

If that means anything.

lightning36 said...

The extremists on both sides are the most dangerous people, imo.

Although I don't particularly like to talk about politics on a poker blog, I will cheerfully admit to being a moderate republican. I work in an environment populated by liberals, so I survive by just mostly keeping my mouth shut.

I hold traditional values. I want to keep the money I make, not distribute it to the "needy" as defined by liberals. I do not believe in big government. I am tired of living in a society of victims. I put more stock in what a person has done as opposed to what a person says. I have had diversity shoved down my throat and see it as just another means to discriminate -- just against another population.

I believe that I am more typical of a majority of republicans than the extremists who seem to be our poster boys (and girls).

And yes ... I detest the arrogance of liberals who characterize people with conservative beliefs as being naive, stupid, uneducated, uncaring, bigoted, and unenlightened.

I clearly favor the experienced, independent senator from Arizona over the inexperienced, undistinguished senator from my home state. Obama may be a gifted speaker, but falls short of what I expect in a president. Flip the first and second positions around on the democratic side and you have a more compelling ticket.

The next two months will be exciting.

Mondogarage said...

Well, riggstad, I can't find a blog of yours to comment on, so I'll comment here.

Thanks for serving, whether in peacetime or war, seriously. That always means something. As for owning a business, I can't comment, all I've ever done is be in the military (13 years active, 3 years ANG) or work for someone else who owns a business.

I think Olbermann is prone to going over the top. But no more so or less so than O'Reilly, they are like mirror images.

But I'm sure you can the humor in convention delegates blindly latching on to catchwords for their own sake without even being able to spell them, or a poltical operative so wanting to use Walter Reed as a touchstone to stir veterans, but being so ignorant of the military that they'd allow a junior high school to be passed off as a historic and recognizable Army hospital.

That's not to try point out evil where there isn't, but rather underscoring that the RNC seemed to be far far more about personality and jingoism, even at the expense of getting it right.

It's kinda like using "maverick" as a catchphrase soundbite without knowing the definition or application, which is kinda funny, because imho, James Garner is the original Maverick. ;-)

That's really just pointing out the shitty tendencies of political operatives generally. That doesn't mean there weren't stupid gaffes of a similar nature at the DNC, but I didn't personally witness any examples.

But mostly, I wanted to comment to thank you for your service. So, thank you.