Monday, September 29, 2008

12 Angry Men

Seriously, did 12 Republican members of the House of Representatives actually change their mind and vote no on the boondoggle bailout today because Nancy Pelosi hurt their feelings? Really? Really?

Wow. I never thought it would be possible for twelve grown men, likely millionaires all, and some of the most powerful men in the country, to be so small and petty as to vote a certain way on one of the most significant pieces of legislation in our nation's history on being sensitive. Just when, exactly, did Daniel from Season 5 of Project Runway become a member of Congress, exactly?

There are certainly a lot of arguments to be made on behalf of the bailout, and at least as many to be made on behalf of no bailout whatsoever. For myself, I'm increasingly growing of the mind that Congress should stay out of this entirey (but if it does go for a bailout, it is a must that it include the ability for bankruptcy judges to modify the payment terms of defaulted mortgages).

However, I can think of nothing more shameful than deciding to vote a certain way because you think it's best for the country, and then changing your mind because someone made your butt hurt by a couple of lines in a floor speech. Seriously, if that represents the size of your stones, just drop your re-election campaign now, because you twelve are a bunch of abject pussies who don't even have the guts to cast a vote you believe in. I truly feel sorry for your constituents, knowing that you've spent your careers on the Hill voting not your conscience or your brain, but on whether or not someone ate the last Thin Mint on the box.

Oh poor poor pitiful me, that big bad old Pelosi bruised my ego. I'm gonna take my ball(s) and go home.

You think that's harsh, just wait until Barney Frank visits you to talk uncharacteristically nice.

Hey Johnny Mac, you still want to take credit for the bailout bill?

The Republicans no longer get to talk about the "angry left", but here, have a tissue and go have a good cry now that Nancy Pelosi hurt your poor feelings.

No poker the last couple of days, so no poker content.

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