Friday, September 26, 2008

Unexpected Awesomeness


Even the National Review is begging Sarah Palin to drop out of the VP race.

Just weeks ago, every right wing pundit and talking head was proclaiming the entire Democratic party as quaking in their collective boots, at how this gun' totin' hockey mama from the Yukon was going to blow up the political landscape, and sweep John "I Don't Know Economics, but Let's Not Debate About It" McCain all the way up Pennsylvania Avenue.

Then she opened her mouth. Then, she opened it again. Then, she couldn't even handle a ten minute sitdown with Katie Couric. No knock on Couric, but she's no Mike Wallace or Chris Matthews.

The National Review really said it best -- Sarah Palin is "Clearly Out Of Her League".

Forget Putin "rearing his head and invading our airspace", Palin should really just lower hers and quit invading our airwaves. Or better yet, please stick around. Because as long as you do, not even Joe Biden could hurt the Democratic ticket.

What's the difference between Sarah Palin and Mr. Irrelevant? Lipstick.

As for tonight's debate, we may just see a bit of this:

Speaking of Bash(ing), I know a ton of you bloggers are hanging with Al (who says AlCan'tHang anyway?) this weekend -- have fun, I wish I could be there, but Pennsyltucky is a long way from my lil' battleground state. Be safe and rock hard.

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