Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Night Live Blogging

8:02pm - So far so good, mostly. I'm still alive in all the tourneys I fired up. I did add a $5.50 PL O8, which I'm barely alive in. But in the Daily Doubles, at first break, I'm sitting 87th of 658 in DD A, and 101st of 596 in DD B. Very few showdowns, a few steals, and both times I hit AA, I was able to checkraise all in on non-scary flops or turns, to knock out others.

8:08pm - Just doubled up KK v 66 in the Bodog $10+1 $5k, when I really needed it. Got a bit above average chips. Was pretty much unplayable first hour, and just sat tight.

8:11pm - Tripled up in the Omatard, but still 45th of 55, 27 pay, 219 runners started, so I've got my work cut out for me.

8:14pm - More than doubled up again, versus table large stack...20 of 52 in Omatard, and almost at average chips; can be much more selective.

8:29pm - Huge hand in DD A gets me to 6th of 519. In BB with AA, late position minraised, button called, I 3 bet to 1100, with one call. Flop is Q high, all diamonds (I have A of Diamonds). I was trying to decide what to do, when aggro player on my right shoves (he had KT with one diamond, I think. AA held (no flush), and off we go.

8:39pm - Well, phoo. Out of DD B, when I shoved QQ into AA. I should have known better, as I'd made standard raise pf, villain min-raised, and he checked the 667 flop. I should really have checked behind. So no double cash bonus for me, once again. However, I'm sitting 9th of 434 in DD A, and still alive in all my other events, including the Omatard game.

8:54pm - 2nd break in the Omatard game, and we're on the exact money bubble. 27 pay, 28 left. Sitting in 21st, so if I can be disciplined, maybe I can make a run. 26th of 336 in DD A, but the two players on my immediate right are in the top 10. Lots of chips at this table = lots of opportunity, and I have position. Still, I can't get stupid here.

9:11pm - 2nd break in DD A, and I've had to fold for the last 15 minutes, except for one steal. Still, 49th of 253, with 150% of average chips, but only 3rd in chips at my table. Money broke in Omatard, and still kicking. Also still kicking in the Bodog $5k and $5 rebuys, but not in the moolah just yet.

9:42pm - DD A bubble broke, as did the $5k. Unfortunately, I've worked my way backwards in both, and need to double up if I want to have a chance for a deep run.

9:59pm - In the very same minute, just went out of both Omatard (14th), and the DD A, somewhere like 120th. The funny part is I had AA on the button in DD A, but less than 3 BB. I had the worst cards ever for about 40 straight hands. BB *had* to call preflop with something like Q8o (less than 1/2 BB for him to call), and he naturally caught his gutter on the river. Still kicking deep in Bodog $5k (29 left, above average), and the $5R (about 20 spots from money).

10:18pm - Nice. In the Bodog $5k, I called a raise and a smaller all-in preflop with KQs. Button overshoves, and original raiser folds. I think if original EP raiser calls here, I fold. However, EP folds, so I call. My KQs is up against JJ, and JJ. Yup, JJOK. K on the flop, and everyone's drawing dead. Down to final two tables, and while I'm now below average chips, it's skewed by one massive stack on other table. I like my chances at this point.

10:25pm - Ugh. Just got AA cracked for the first time, in the $5R. Folds to me in the small blind, so I min-raise and get a call. Flop is Q high. I check, he min bets, I bet about 2/3 pot. Of course, he shoves, I call, and he flips KQ for 2nd pair, 2nd kicker (donkey). Well, Q hits the river, and I'm below average, and still not quite in the money. I would have been top 5 if my AA hold. But I've had AA 6-7 times tonight all told, and this is the first time they were cracked, so no whining.

10:51pm - Okay, now I whine. Bodog $5k, five seats from final table. I pick up QQ under the gun, and raise pot, for 40% of my chips, hoping to get a 3-bet, or shoving any flop. Get one caller. Obviously, an AAK flop, and I check fold. Two hands later, I pick up KK, and player to my right shoves. Obviously, I call and am facing AQ, A on flop kills me. fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. Instead of a shot at $1500, I score a whole $45.00. So fuckin' awesome. As I type this, we're on the very bubble in the $5R. Funnily enough, I can end up cashing in 4 out of 5 events tonight, and barely pick up any ground on my bankroll.

11:11pm - Three tables left in the $5R, and I just saw a dude flop a royal...and get paid. I'm on the drip, trying to at least pick up two spots to the next pay tier, but after getting three outed, my M is about 4.5.

11:18pm - Wow, more than doubled up on two consecutive hands. Caught a miracle A on the river for my AQ to beat JJ (for my only suckout all night, believe it or not...except for Omatard 8, which is and was suckout central), and the next hand, KK held up against AJs. Who knows how this song ends, but I now have a final table stack in the $5R. Hoping to catch a repeat, this is like one of the only MTTs I've won online, and I've actually won it twice, if my recollection is correct. LOTS of work left to do.

11:28pm - AJs beat KJo, funny part being after my big pot bet, he's got 4k left, I bet 3k on turn, and 3k on river (there was already about 130k in pot after flop). I didn't need the flush, but I'll take it. Twelve left, mondo 2nd in chips.

11:44pm - WOOT, FINAL TABLE, coming in 4th in chips, let's see what happens! Almost made three final tables, but I'll take what I can get, and try to rebuild the Bodog roll.

Midnight - Aaaaaand, out in 5th. I raised A9o under the gun, and was 3 bet. I should have either folded or shoved pf, because my pot bet was over 1/3 of my stack. Ran into JJ, and the A on the flop didn't help me when a J followed for his flopped set. So no victory, but I would have been pissed to get so close to so many final tables without making any, so I'm pretty happy. Not to mention, my restarted Bodog roll (post withdrawal) ended up doubling tonight. As long as I keep my buyins small going forward, I should be good for the year.

Good luck all, I'm beat.