Monday, September 15, 2008

Well, I Did Promise A Poker Post

Believe it or not, things have actually gotten a bit better for me over at Bodog these days. Last week, I even managed to final table a $10 turbo MTT. Of course, Bodog being what it's been to me, after coming in to the final table 2nd or 3rd in chips, I go out 5th when I see nothing at the final table better than J8o. Still, I can't truly complain (and I'm not), when after nearly a full month of non-cashes, I've managed to hit two Bodog final tables in my last three playing sessions. Of course, since I previously cashed out most of my Bodog roll, I'm playing much smaller these days, and will have to get a couple of top threes before thinking of starting to move back up. Fourth and fifth place finishes don't really accomplish that, when winning pays at least five times fifth place.

Came pretty close to a really deep Daily Double run, again. Made final 2-3 tables of Daily Double B. Of course, I stank up DD A when I re-shoved, only to see my AKo v AKs v QQ. K on the flop was okay, but getting flushed by the turn by the AKs kinda sucked. I'd raised PF from early position, he instashoved, and was called by a smaller stack. I thought pretty hard about folding, but just couldn't find any button but the shiny one that said "Donk Off All Chips With Obvious 3rd Best Hand".

Absolutely no WCOOP for me, as I think I've got about $25 sitting at Stars, that I'd rather use towards a few $4/180s, in the hopes of taking one down to start a roll there again.

I may try live blogging my online poker tomorrow, as it's been a while. Will definitely check into the Skillz game. I need to atone after showing absolutely zero skillz in my play last week. Of course, as we're playing Double Stack Limit 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo, I'm expecting to see 5th street 90% of the time, zoom up early, and not make first break.

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