Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Poker Goals For the Week

As others have observed, the online poker blogosphere's been pretty bereft of real strategy posts these days.

As I've never been a strong contributor in that area, I don't suppose I'm going to start now. I suppose part of this is that I don't use PokerTracker (as I virtually never play cash tables, and am such a small baller), and I've gotten bad about copying/pasting hand histories into a .txt file to upload to a site later. I'll try to get a bit better, at least insofar as occasionally saving a hand that's more interesting from a decision-making perspective, than it is just another exemplar for a brag/beat post.

However, I do resolve to try to do a better job of not pushing marginal edges in marginal spots, particularly early in tournaments. Why 4-bet your AK out of position when you're sitting on 50 big blinds? Why put your tournament life at stake with presto, against a tight player, when you're sitting on 80 big blinds? (Even this guy probably folds that hand once in a while...)

Oh, and keep myself to four tables or less. I suppose that means the FTP Daily Doubles, the Bodog $10+1 5k, and the Bodog $5R, and then see what happens in those. Of course, this means no Skillz game unless I'm out of one of the first three tournaments first. But it's Stud, anyway, so I'll just be avoiding an epic fail if I sit this one out. I figure, I've actually come pretty dadgum close to a final table in a Daily Double two of the last three Tuesdays I played them (with 23rd and 18th place finishes out of 1000+ fields). Maybe if I minimize my number of games, I can actually take that next step.

A little birdie is whispering in my ear that our beloved Bodonkey may actually return. Of course, when I say "little birdie", I really mean "gambooooling degen", but I kid because we care. And because we can. Anyway, I say bully to that idea, time to keep those Tuesday nights open!

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