Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bodog Poker Open's on.


Thanks to my win last night, in a 143 player turbo MTT, I may actually try to play an event or two of this. However, I'm still not rolled to go after any of the juicier events, so tourneys such as the Kickoff Event and Main Event, both of which are on Sundays, are definitely out. Besides, I essentially don't play online poker on the weekends (except for very rare occasions when the Good Doctor Mondo is out of town).

Of course, I typically only play Tuesdays now, which leaves the $20+2 Pot Limit HE event my most viable option.

On the other hand, I've final tabled two Bodog turbo MTTs in my last three attempts (with one win), so Monday's $30+3 Turbo Bounty Tourney ($15k guaranteed) may be a better call. Both have double starting stacks.

The event I'd probably most like to play, that is actually within my roll is next Friday's $25+2.50 $10k gurantee, also with a double starting stack. But that seems unlikely, given there's bound to be a band that will take precendence.

Anyway, as I'm definitely not rolled for the biggest events, I send my support over to these guys, I'd dig seeing one of you take down the Main Event.

(Not to shortchange any other bloggers, but I don't know anyone else playing these events...)

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