Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weird Night at the Tables

So I played the daily KORS last night, and it turned out to be a heads-up deathmatch SNG between myself and Surflexus, since no one else registered. Anyway, I did manage to win that (woo-hoo!), but with only two entrants, no $26 token for the next level...only $16 for an $8 buy-in.

Played a .50 rebuy to Full Tilt's MSOP event #44 this afternoon. Won my entry with one re-buy, and of course unregistered from the MSOP, since it's during my work hours. My goodness so many people don't know how to play satellites. 14 seats, and with 16-17 left, folks would call all-ins with A8 sooted, and go from a comfortable position to being bubble boy. Had fun with one asshat I sent to the rail (when he overplayed middle two pair). In the end, I basically won $15 for my $1.10 buy-in

Managed to win a Tier One token during the frenzy, which I'll probably use next Tuesday in a huge 8pm donkament.

And that was about it.

Completely got my ass kicked up one end and down the other in every Bodog tourney I played. Went out of their $10 turbo MTT 10 spots from $$$ when I raised ATo in early position (was looking to steal, really), got called by two microstack all-ins, and then got re-shoved by one of the blinds. I read the overshove as an attempt to isolate the two micro all-ins, so I called (he had me covered), and I ran into QQ. One of the micros had an A, and I whiffed on the A and eventual broadway draws. If I win that pot, I cash easily.

Also got coolered out of the $5k, and aggro'd my way out of the $5R and $6k.

So my Bodog roll is about 1/4 off its high, and even with three tourney "wins" last night, I was down overall. I don't think I've ever lost so much on a night with so many 1st place finishes.

I should probably stop playing the $30 buy-ins at Bodog until I can achieve another decent ($300+) tourney score. I feel okay playing up to $20 buy-in, at least until my roll drops below $1k, and it's starting to get close to doing so... ever since my $5R win, I've done nothing on Bodog but lose. Probably 15 straight non-cashes now?

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lightning36 said...

Funny thing about Bodog is that it seems to be feast or famine. I either become a card rack and destroy people or get no cards and/or get coolered.

At least Bodog doesn't seem to have the river beats I've experienced on sites like Full Tilt and Absolute.