Wednesday, June 04, 2008

How Do You Go On Avatar Tilt In Three Easy Steps?

1. Julius Goat and Bayne offer up a fantastic and fun service for us bloggers.

2. In a fit of inspiration, these guys design the best avatar ever (at least one that's not wearing a gold jersey and football helmet):

3. Your Winblows Vista-disabled laptop won't let you overwrite existing avatars, no matter how many fucking times you make the file, the folder, the Full Tilt folder, the Graphics folder, or any other folder not read-only:

Uncheck and unapply "Read Only", go back and try to paste it in and...voila...nothing. It's like the custom avatar screen of death.

And no, I'm not in a position to deal with wiping the laptop and putting XP in (unfortunately). I still have my old XP desktop, but the whole point is not lot lock myself to my home office...

This Dude is having a rather difficult time abiding at this particular moment. Advice welcomed.

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Julius_Goat said...


Try uninstalling the client software, then reinstalling. Perhaps a custom reinstall will allow you to select overwrite?

Otherwise, I got nothing; I don't truck with the Vista.