Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pimp Your Skillz

Well, it appears the Bodonkey is taking a bit of time off, so there's less bloggeriffic fun to be pimpin' for Tuesday night shenanigans.

However, the Blogger Skillz Series (formerly hosted by the King of Donks) is still running, if currently host-free. Tonight's edition is return of the HOE. That's right, Limit Hold'em/Omatard 8. Should be fun!

But lest we forget about the find folks over at Bodog, they're still running the Mini Series of Poker, a series of tournaments mirroring the WSOP Hold'em events, but for 1% of the buy-in. You'll find me donking it up there tonight in a $16.50 NLHE event, as of 9pm EDT. Maybe I can stay in longer than the Rockies can stay in a game, for once.

Anyway, it's probably my last night of pokerz before I go to Milwaukee to see my new niece, so let's get some game on, kids.

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