Monday, June 23, 2008

Call Me Uncle

Spent the weekend in Milwaukee, with my older sister, her husband, and her brand new baby girl. Well, nearly brand new -- she's now three months old:

Hanging out with that lil' angel was so much fun, I never even felt like going to Potawatami for some NL action, not that I'd planned to. I did go so far as to Mapquest the drive from my hotel to my sis' with it as a waypoint, however. Heh.

Did manage to play some poker on trip. A three hour layover at O'Hare on the way up resulted in me a) finishing 5th in a $10 90 player SNG at Full Tilt (with about 6 KO bounties), and at the same time, dropping a 50NL buyin when I check shoved A2 on an A29Ax board into. (I was BB in an unraised pot pf) Coolered, but broke even.

Late night tournies in my hotel room were much worse, finishing close to the money a ton of times, usually going out on hands where I flop a set, bet it, call a shove by an underset, only to see some asshat who called two shoves with TPTK hit runner runner bigger full house. One of these was in a $30R where I was in for $93, so my recently-grown Bodog roll took a nice hit on the trip. Oh well. I'm proud of the fact that I didn't let any of those events tilt me and put any sort of damper on the trip. But look at that pic above once could anything put a damper on spending time with that little angel.

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$mokkee said...

that pic puts me on anti-tilt