Tuesday, June 03, 2008

BBT3 Post Mortem

In the end, 455 players took part in at least one event of BBT3 - Battle of the Blogger Tournaments, and more chips were slung than a day of hash at the Waffle House.

Congrats to the 45 or so who won their way into the Tournament of Champions, good luck all. I won't be joining, as the best I could pull out was one 2nd place and one 3rd place finish. Special congratulations go to TuscaloosaJohn, who won the overall points title, going away.

The biggest thanks of all go to Al, for putting this thing together (along with the Riverchasers tourneys) and getting such awesome prizes set up, and to Don, Hoy, Chad, and Mookie for making their events part of the series.

As for myself, I only played 13 of the 56 events, all of which were Blogger Skillz games, I believe. I just can't play online pokerz enough nights of the week to make a real go at it. That said, I'm happy with my performance, in relative terms. In my 13 events, I scored points 4 times, final tabled twice, and cashed twice. Overall, I finished 88th of the 455, playing less than 1/4 of the events. In addition, the two cashes were for more than my buy-ins, so it was even a bit profitable.

Maybe next time, maybe next time.

Tantalizingly close to a TOC seat, but with me in Vega$ this weekend, I probably wouldn't be playing, anyway. In fact, I won't be participating in the blogger freeroll portion of the series, either, as I'm pretty sure I'm not taking my laptop to Vega$.

Still, it was fun, and I hope a lot of you do continue to play blogger events with the rest of us.

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