Monday, June 02, 2008

Picture Book

At least it's a great Kinks song, but dammit if I'm not the unluckiest player in the blogoverse.

The money went in late on this beautiful cooler:

After betting the flop, I 3-bet all in, and this donk calls on the flop with the inimitable Jackace, through about 1/3 of the field in the $28k:

$3k guarantee $24+2 PL O8 (which I bought in for about 6% of my roll, after my token went bye-bye in the above pic. This donk called down 1/2 pot bet on flop and turn with absolutely nothing more than OESD and terrible low. Which, naturally, he hits. Both. Drops me to about 80 chips:

Finally, this speaks for itself in Midnight Madness (though at least I still have about 200 chips as I write this...):

And here...I go out of the $6k guarantee, all in preflop:

Well, the night ends this as it started, on a goddamn cooler.

At least it was one past the bubble, so what...I min-cash in 1 of 12 tourneys tonight, and have pretty much fuckall to show for being the anti-Astin. I honestly no longer know what to do. My bankroll is 30% gone, I'm playing good poker, but if you have less than 4 outs, you're guaranfuckingteed to catch if I'm in the hand. Hell, you may need runner runner perfect perfect, and it's alllll yours. I can flop quad AAAA, and if you're on a draw, you're going to catch it. Come get what little bit there is of my roll, everyone else is.

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lightning36 said...

This is why we love this game so freaking much.