Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LOL Fake Outrageaments

I wish Barney Frank were my Congressman. I'm all about the 1st Amendment, because only in America would we allow this nonsense. "Trying to have a conversation with you would be like arguing with a dining room table."

Frankly, I think ...the poor woman simply can't stop confusing socialism with Nazism, which is odd, because she doesn't *sound* uneducated. She only carries herself as if she were.

I really don't mind that a lot of the rabble-rousers at these town hall events are actually organized plants of various far right groups. I mean, that's the American way, and that's their 1st Amendment right to be there and speak up. That's part of the American political process and, in fact, part of what actually separates us from totalitarian parties such as the Nazis, the Taliban, the North Korean Communist Party, Ahmendinajad's party, etc. The debate is healthy. Hell, I'm a big Obama supporter and I'm hardly 100% convinced of the wisdom of all the aspects of his plan.

But if you do want to exercise your 1st Amendment rights (as I encourage you to do) in a manner that reveals your abject ignorance of the most basic truths, don't be alarmed when your bald faced stupidity is reveled in by everyone else. I mean, that's a lesson Sarah Barracuda keeps having to learn nearly every week, no?

LOL Fake Mustache On A Photoaments


lightning36 said...

Happy to see your psychotic paranoia about Republicans is returning. Things must be better.

btw -- a post about what an absolute failure Obama has been as president, please ...

Mondogarage said...

Actually, I think I read somewhere that that woman was a Lyndon LaRouche supporter...don't think I referred to Republicans in my post directly.

I just think comparing Obama's health care plan/boondoggle/mishmash/whatever to the Nazi Party is sad, because of what the Nazis actually were.

As for Obama, he's hardly been an "absolute failure", but my dad and I talked tonight about how there really have been several letdowns this year. Still, it's been better than the alternative we were proposed last fall...

Francis Luong (Franco) said...

Rand has demonstrated that the differences between Fascism/Naziism and Socialism were simply a matter of window dressing.

Suggested reading (for overview):

I am not arguing that a woman like the one in the video is making a proper argument. She most certainly is not. But to say that there is no similarity whatsoever would be just as inaccurate. The Nazis were brought to power on similar premises as the ones people in America's political left advocate and the premise on which the case for expansion of government involvement in health care rests. The common good is greater than the individual good (and individual rights)... and so on.