Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Better Evening

Just an update from earlier...the doctors inserted a new trach a few hours ago, and the Good Doctor Mondo's been stable and reasonably comfortable this evening. In fact, if there's no further signs of trach complications, they expect to begin pushing her back towards further progress tomorrow.

I think that's how you spell relief.

Essentially, as potentially (and very nearly) catastrophic as this morning was, it should ultimately just become another bump in the road. I fucking crater sized pothole bump, but one which, once passed, is truly in the past. Hopefully, we can begin moving forward again in the morning.

As she's been sedated and asleep and stable this evening, I have sat here and played some poker, to some success. I played an $11 sat into Bodog's $215 5k guarantee and took it down. Took the $T instead of entering, since that doubled my Bodog roll. But I'm actually likely to put about $165 of that into one of their $100k guarantees soon. Why? Bad Bankroll Management, to be sure, but I've never played the $100k, and in the end, I'd still be playing it for $11. Actually, $22, because I was in two of the sats. Sadly, I went out 3rd or 4th in the other sat, and came really close to winning two of the $215 seats. Oh well. Seriously, I am untiltable in poker anymore, given the far far more important things in life.

Thanks for your continued well wishes, I know the Good Doctor is gaining strength through them.


smokkee said...

here's to hoping she picks up some momentum in her recovery.

nice job turning $11 into T$215.

BWoP said...

I'm glad to hear that things have turned for the better :-)