Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Musings

Ahh, poker -- such a cruel cruel cruel woman, so I dump her to the curb.

Okay, maybe not. But I haven't played a hand since Sunday, and won't for a few more days, most likely.

Life's been pretty busy these days, what with weekly New Ben Franklins rehearsals, and gigs every 10-12 days or so now, it seems. We're playing a food bank donation raiser tomorrow, and then up in Loveland, Colorado, next Saturday.

Oh yeah, if you're in Denver and reading this, come to the Toad Tavern on Saturday, we play at 8pm. $5, and a buck off for each canned good you bring.

Initially, that was going to be the end for a while, as I've been supposed to leave town for a five week trial later in March. Yeah, this is part of the reason I haven't been really jazzed about BBT4, as I'd be pretty much incapable of playing about half the series.

Well, what do you know...fingers crossed, but this whole case may soon be over, sans trial, and what does that mean? A buncha stuff.

It means I can go to Rockies Opening Day, woohoo!!!! And for our home opener, no one other than the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies (whom of course we swept in the 2007 Division Series).

It also means I can actually consider playing the Heartland Poker Tour, which is back again in Blackhawk during March and April. Since the Colorado gaming limits don't go up until July, this again will be a case of having to play your way into the Main Event via a $340 qualifier. I'd given it no thought, considering the timing, but I've missed the previous HPT events, also because of work/travel reasons, and I do not intend to miss this one if I'm around. At least I'll take one shot in a qualifier. Who knows, if I win a Main Event seat, I'll likely play a 2nd qualifier with the hope I can win a 2nd seat and sell it, thus coming out ahead no matter when my AA goes down to 86s in Level 5 of the Main Event.

Anyway, tonight should also be a fun night. Three of my favorite bands are playing at the hi-dive, Denver's premier small indie music hipster paradise venue. Or something. I keed, I keed, but they do book a lot of really cool shit.

And tonight's no exception. The legendary Omens are fresh off a European tour, and celebrating release of their newest CD. I know there aren't a lot of true garage rock fans reading this, but let me just say that as a hardcore garage rock aficionado, I can tell you there is no more authentic true garage punk combo in the USA today. And in support are other faves Hawks of Paradise, and Overcasters.

Denver really does have an amazing music scene these days, attested to by the fact that these are flat out three of my favorite bands, with no "favorite local band" qualifier.

Wherever you're playing, whether its cards, rock and roll, tiddly winks, or some demented crap requiring a safety word, even when played solo (yeah, I'm thinking of a certain here), have fun this weekend.

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Creen of the Crub Frushes!


PancerBali said...

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Champ said...

Right on man, I live in Denver, and like what I hear from those bands you mentioned...

lightning36 said...

I played a Heartland Poker Tour event last year. Nothing special or really different about it. No reason why you can't do well. You might want to get there aerly, however, as the registration was really slow at the event I entered.